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minor fibrotic change in lung

Hello, has anyone had a chest x ray that reported 'minor fibrotic change'? Before referring me for the x ray my GP said there was very little air getting into my right lung. I have to see a consultant in April and I will have a CT scan.

I have severe COPD but still quite active and - gym etc but I have had many chest infections in the last year. Breathing on exertion is a struggle at the moment. I think it's probably the progression of the illness which I've had for 7 years??


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Hi James, as far as I know, fibrotic changes are marks on the lung that can be made by infections. As you said, you have had many infections in the last year, similar to myself, and yes your lungs pay the price for this. Dont think its anything serious to worry about, but do ask your doctor if it is worrying you.Or call the helpline. Just to put your mind at ease.

best wishes



Thanks Ingrid, that's reassuring. How long have you been diagnosed and what stage?

James :)


Hi sirjames,I have appointment with GP on Monday to see results of xray as like you I have had constant infections this year, I was diagnosed 5-6 years ago and have been very breathless with the slightest excersion, I can go for walks and up stairs but SOB at the end of it. I understand you might think the illness is progressing which is how I feel, lets just hope it is a blip and things improve when the weather gets warmer, I have heard lots of other people on this site have had severe emphysema for several years so there is always hope, take care xx



Hello Ju, Thanks for the reply. I think people can go on for years with emphysema. When I was doing pulmonary rehab last summer the nurses said they had patients who've had it 20 years and more. It does progress and that's a fact but we have to fight it. Avoiding infections is so hard I find.

I think exercising is key if you can manage to do it. I have to go up some stairs to get in my gym and that's a mission by itself lol!! Can you manage to exercise? I do the bike which is a lot easier than the treadmill etc and I do some of the machines, light weights for the arms, chest, legs etc. Just take it easy and rest when I need to.

I'll be interested to hear how you get on at the GP. Good luck, James


forgot :) x lol!


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