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Step 1 passed, Now its on to step (STILL KEEPING CALM)

First I would like to thank everyone for thier very kind words, thoughts and prayers before my lung transplant assessment (step 1) on Tuesday. It make's such a difference to know there are others out there who care and are thinking of you. After a x-ray, spirometry,bloods,and a record breaking 6 minute walk of '408 metres off oxygen' the consultant told me that I am ill enough and fit enough for a transplant. He and his team have forwarded me to the next step which is a 4 day stay in hospital while they check the rest of my body is in good order. This is starting on the 25th of this month, so not too long to wait. After this then its down to them on whether I get on the list or not. Im still keeping calm but I can feel the pressure is building. 'Dont Panic Captain Manwaring' Once again, you good people on this BLF site THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS!! :)

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Best of the best of luck

Fingers and toes will be crossed and I wish you good luck, calm and above all ..... hope!

Keep us posted ..... I may hope to be in your position in a few years

Bolilly xx


Everything crossed for you and I'm sure you won't PANIC. Hugs xx


I wish you the very best. It is a wonderfull feeling to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am of to Papworth on Monday for my final assessment. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Just keep positive. Do keep us in touch with how it goes. XX


Good luck to you as well,Firethorn,do hope new beginings are on the way for you!

Do let us know how you go,final assesment eh? that would be a bit nerve racking,but how great to feel you are nearly there,keep your positive energy up!!

Hugs, Love Wendells xxx


hi firethorn how did your assessment go x


Good for you and good luck.


Will be thinking of you, and your family, in our thoughts and prayers.

All positive thoughts, coming your way !!

Hugs,love Wendells xxxxx


thinking of you ,its so good that your getting the wonderful gift of a chance good luck to both of you .

firethorn are you under Jaz Parmer at papworth his so nice as are all of the team and hopefully you will get put on one of the wards that have patiio door ,Its like a hotel so relaxing . I had mine in sep last years they gave me a list of what there were going to do blood tests ,lung funchion ,walking test ,CT scan ,and talks to team about transplants ,and then you see Dr Parmer on the last day and then the Surgern if your good for trantsplant ,but so up the swanny that it all that left .I have now been on double lung transplant list since oct and that something else please let me know how you are both doing take care Jackiex


yes good luck mate you can do a lot more then me and ive been told im still to fit at the moment

i only manage 180 yards 5 years ago last year it was down to 80 with 4 stops im my salf go back up to freemans in newcastle on the 27 of this month to be tested again


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