Step 1 passed, Now its on to step (STILL KEEPING CALM)

Step 1 passed,  Now its on to step  (STILL KEEPING CALM)

First I would like to thank everyone for thier very kind words, thoughts and prayers before my lung transplant assessment (step 1) on Tuesday. It make's such a difference to know there are others out there who care and are thinking of you. After a x-ray, spirometry,bloods,and a record breaking 6 minute walk of '408 metres off oxygen' the consultant told me that I am ill enough and fit enough for a transplant. He and his team have forwarded me to the next step which is a 4 day stay in hospital while they check the rest of my body is in good order. This is starting on the 25th of this month, so not too long to wait. After this then its down to them on whether I get on the list or not. Im still keeping calm but I can feel the pressure is building. 'Dont Panic Captain Manwaring' Once again, you good people on this BLF site THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS!! :)

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  • Good for you, dall05. Interesting to hear about assessment. I didn't realise the preparations that go towards making the transplant possible. I will keep my fingers crossed for you when they make their final decision. Fingers crossed, you will be skipping around!

  • *thumbs up* for you dall :) and certainly *fingers and toes crossed* for later this month xx

  • We will all be thinking of you.

    Lynne xx

  • My prayers go with you dall.I hope all goes well for you in the future.

  • Good luck, hope everthing goes well.

    Kim xxx

  • Wishing you well dall05. Stay strong and positive. xxxxxxxx

  • I'm not far behind you in the system. Keep Calm and Focus on the Future. All the very best Rob

  • All you have to be Rob, is fit enough to survive the operation and ill enough to need it, to get past step 1. If anything I thought they might tell me I'm too good and would be reassessed again so it comes as a bit of a shock when your told you are ill enough for a transplant, even though you know you are. We both gotta stay calm and hopefully the outcome will be good for us both. Good Luck!!

  • Good luck with transplant, you are very brave and I wish you all the very best xxx


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