Breathing excercise!

I have often noticed people talking of pursed lips breathing,and practice that myself,finding it helpful.But I have never seen PROLONGED EXPIRATION recommended,has it gone out of favour?

I believe the the aim of it, is to reduce air trapping into the lungs,To practice....

Breathe out slowly over count of 3 through pursed lips,then breathe in through nose,during count of 2.


Breathe easy, Wendells xx

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They explained it in terms of a collapse of the airways if all the air went out quickly this would leave some trapped and this would stop as much coming in next breath. Yes I think we counted longer than 3 (hard not rushing through the count) it was 2 in 6 out the same idea though.

Thanks, thats interesting,hadn'.t heard it spoken about.xx

I was told at PR to breathe out for twice the amount of time that we breathe in , thats what i try and do in times of trouble . ;-)

I use Zaneys technique when having problems and a prolonged even out breath, sometimes quite extended but not forced. The feeling of being able to take a deep breath straight after is so good it never fails to make me smile.

I guess we all do it differently at different times and settle on what's best instinctively.

As long as we keep doing it short or long, lol.


Re airtrapping, i breathe out for as long as it takes (i dont count but its probably about 10) but i find if i pause by closing the throat for a mili-second by putting my tongue against the roof of my mouth when it feels like ive reached the end of the out breath, then im able to breathe out more. Sometimes i do this twice in the out breath, which means i can get a lot more air out and so less is trapped.

Ive never found anyone else who does this but it works for me - just shows how different we all are :)


good tip. thanks

A pleasure - hope it helps.

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