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Does anyone have a regular back massage? Usually my wife gives me one now and again, but I really don't like to take up her time as she does so much for me. I am thinking of a regular appointment with a physio. I see these Chinese massagers in shopping centres that massage your back whilst you are sitting upright in a chair. I used to have a fully body massage but can no longer lie prone on my chest - as I then really couldn't breathe!

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  • Why do you need a back massage? There are so many ways of relaxation.

    But if this what you choose, go for it! Other, reading, painting, hobbies. Whatever interests you.

    Best wishes..Annie80

  • i dont think I got your true needs here - sorry!

  • I got a back massager, it has steel balls that go up and down , and round and round. I'm afraid it was too strong for me, I had to sit away from the back so there wasn't so much pressure.Because it was really painful, It wasn't comfy at all. I do like my back rubbed gently by my hubby, especially when breathless. It takes away the panic and always relaxes me.

    best wishes


  • I give a short back massage to my brother - it always helps him bring up mucus - I just work from the sides and bottoms of the lungs and slowly move upwards with cupping action and small circles with some pressure - not too much of course. At the very least, massage helps the body relax - and will help the secondary breathing muscles in the shoulders and neck to 'let go'.

  • My wife gives my back a gentle rub too when I'm struggling - it sure does help a lot and surprisingly quickly.

    Helped me last night.



  • I usually massage my husbands back when he is having a 'do', it calms him down, even when he was in hospital and had difficulty breathing, I was the only one who could get his breathing under control by gently massaging his back for him, it is a bit like comforting a child who is having a crying fit, the calming circular motion on their backs works a treat.

    I have bought him a shiatsu back massaging cushion for the chair and he found the metal balls a bit hard, so I just laid a fleece over it and it was fine, I even put the heat massage setting on for him which also helps,

  • my 2 eldest went halves at xmas for a massager for me but i find it very painful but also enjoy my husband gently rubbing my back

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