any advice for copd?

hi i had bronchitis and pneumonia in october 2012, since then i have almost constant chest infections and have been on steroids and antibiotics constantly, i was diagnosed with copd just before xmas.. i am now depressed because every day is a struggle and my gp and asthma nurse dont seem to be giving me any advice...i have now been referred to a chest specialist to see how severe my lungs/chest are, i am only 39 years old yet some days i can barely make a drink without having to sit down for an hour afterwards, could someone please advise me what help/advice is available thank you.

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Hello tuzzy99 and welcome to the site :)

I do despair of doctors and nurses sometimes. To be given the news of having COPD and not being offered medical, emotional, or practical advice must have been very difficult for you.

Do please give the British Lung Foundation Helpline a call 03000 030 555 tomorrow and discuss your worries with them. They are an amazing team and will allay some of your fears as well as pointing you in the right direction for questions to ask your GP/respiratory specialist.

As far as emotional support is concerned, just come back here to us. We're pretty good at cheering folk up :)

I was diagnosed as having COPD in 2000 and am still going strong and leading a life with more that reasonable quality at 65 years old. With the right attitude, diet, exercise and following your medics advice and recommendations I'm sure you will have a long and happy life, just living it a little more slowly than others :)

Take good care............ xx

thank you, i will phone the blf tomorrow and hopefully get pointed in the right direction, its just so frustrating that i have gone from a very active lifestyle to struggling to do everyday things, i was taken to hospital tuesday with an asthma attack/chest infection and the paramedic just kept saying my oxygen level is ok so there is nothing far too be honest i have had no support/advice etc from any medical professional which is why im here

Hullo fuzzy99. I think you will already had good advice which will help and give you comfort. It will help you resume your life and get the best out of it Go for everything to get your life back in order because you have many years to live. Best of everything from Annie80

Hi and welcome to the site,,,i to had pneumonia and was diagnosed with copd,,took me awhile to get over the chest infections, but i did in the end,,we all know what the struggle is like for you, we have been there ourselves, so do understand,,do you smoke? if you do you must stop, however hard it is,,took me awhile to stop but got there in the end,,As Elian said do ring the blf helpline,,they are amazing people,,and you quickly gain more knowledge from here as well,,good luck to you and let us know how you get on xx

thank you, i gave up smoking 3 years ago, i only found this site today but im extremely glad i did as ive learnt more from here in an hour than from 6 months with doctors etc....even found an answer that suggests i could be on the wrong tablets, which could explain why the infection is not clearing.

Hi tuzzy99. Do you get a lot of mucus in your lungs ? Bacteria like the warm moist atmosphere which lead to chest infections. Getting rid of the gunge can help a lot to stop infections.

hi puff, it varies, i mean most days i have a cough but sometimes there is a lot of green mucus but another day it can be just like a dry cough...

the thing i dont understand is that sometimes doctors are saying my chest is clear, yet the cough and breathlessness can still be there., sorry does that make any sense?

A bit odd that. i would do what the others suggest and call the helpline.

the green mucus is a bactereial infection and wiil be cleard up via antibiotics' spit it up my friend

Hi Tuzzy99 and welcome to the site. You are in good company here. As far as I am aware green gunk means a chest infection. You should be on antibiotics and maybe steroids as well. If you are and they are not working go back to the doctor. Can you see a different doctor?

Its great advice to ring BLF helpline. They can also send you out lots of information about lung problems.

Bev x

You can call the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday

from 10am to 6pm. for advice and support.

Hello Tuzzy99, I'm more or less at the same stage as you and learning a lot from this site.

Things I'm doing for myself to keep in the best possible condition: eat as healthily as poss, loads of vegetables, particularly green ie broccoli & spinach.. Think I probably eat at least 5 portions everyday. Also protein in the form of eggs, fish, meat (fortunately for me, not a vegetarian). I eat very little red meat. Absolutely no sugar or fat. Using a little oliveoil make food as tasty and enjoyable as poss. I'm extremely cash poor so am very careful.

Drink loads, it keeps the mucus moist & easier to get get up & keeps the blood flowing around the body.

Exercise - very difficult when energy and mood are low. I do sympathise. I often put coat over my pj's to walk around the park.

Learn from this site, write down all your questions for doc doc and consultant. If you're a smoker get help immediately to become a nonsmoker.

Do ring blf helpline - I haven't yet but I must -asap,, silly to try doing it by myself. Good luck, you're too young to have this. P

Oh & PS: breathing: I'm trying to work out how to get better at this, get more oxygen to feed the brain!

thank you peeg all your advice has been extremely helpful, and i am going to take on board everything you said, one thing i found out yesterday from this site is boots care + menthol crystals, i bought and tried them today for the first time and within minutes my lungs and airways felt so much clearer, i havent really had any medical advice on this, just been told i have copd and asthma and to be prescribed inhalers, spiriva etc... so i appreciate everyone giving a little time to help and advise, so THANK YOU so much everyone that has given me advice

hi my friend i can truly understand your frustationnn i also have copd'iv'e had more or less over 20 yrs and iam 72 next month,,dont worry your doctors etc will soon have you stableized you are young enough to fight this and you must try and be positive ,i dont want to sound patronizing ,i have been there,,,,,i sometime get so bloody angry'' i look a picture of health ,and iam aware that my family dont really have a clue ,some days i am gasping for breath ,,,any way my friend remember you are no alone,,,,iwas just wondering if perhaps a ''NEBULISER'' would help you ? WORTH THINKING ABOUT i have used one periodically for years ps ...only when i have a flair up ,i hope these wee comments help you stick in there

even though you feel s...e ,you must try and get about ,,being breathless wont damage yor heart ,go at your own speed !!!

Hi tuzzy99 iam like you quite new to the site soak up all the advice and information that these lovely people give you :) x

Brilliant site great advice thanks I'm new and C.O.P.D. AND Asthma. I'll be back just got the menthol crystals s

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