Yet another infection

I finished lot of 3rd antibiotics and steriods in a week ago and guess what, here we go again... I can't seem to shake off the infection, feel better for 3-4 days then feel it building up again, I am due to see GP on Monday and waiting for results of xray, I have read other blogs where others get repeated infections, This is a first for me, does it mean the desease is progressing or is it just the cold weather, I would be grateful for advise from anyone, is it dangerous to keep taking antibiotics, I wonder if I need to see a consultant as I haven't as yet, I do get lots of exercise taking my dog for walks and I child mind my 2 year old granddaughter who keeps me busy, I have been a bit stressed lately with the shortness of breath, could that make things worse, am due to start PR in April, they so fully booked I can't get in sooner.

I wish you all well.

Teigy xx

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  • Hi brooksju, someone's going to come along and give you some good advice I'm sure. The only thing I can think of is are you on the wrong abs, from what I have read on this site different abs for different infections. You need to be at your best child minding a 2 year old.

    Lib x

  • Every one is so kind and helpful, thank you Libby, yes I do need to be on top form with my toddler(he he), take care xx

  • Hi

    Have you had a test done on your sputum? Have they tried changing your antibiotics? If the answer is no then you might be being treated with the wrong antibiotic. I had a similar thing before I was diagnosed, steroids and antibiotics, which almost got me to the top of the hill but not over, another course a couple of weeks later, same again, changed to clarithamycin, helped a bit more but still wasn't getting rid of the blighter, then finally docxycillin (or what ever its called). 2 week course - boom!!

    Go back to your GP (or another) and explain that you need something else. Hopefully the x-ray will shed some light on what is happening. Good luck - its an awful feeling when you think nothing is going to help,

    Marie x

  • I did wonder about change of antibiotics, thank you so much for advice Marie, every one is so helpful here, it makes me feel better already, take care xx

  • I was going to say the same thing as Marie, I have just had 4 weeks of pneumonia, took the rescue meds but put in a sample, got a call saying pneumonia and changed antibiotics. When I had finished all that I put another sputum sample in to make sure its gone. Ask gp for a supply of bottles.

    best wishes


  • Will do ingy, thanks for advice, hope you are well now,take care xx

  • A couple of years ago I had 10 courses (some lasting 3 weeks) of antibiotics and steroids in 12 months so I insisted I went to see my consultant. I had bloods, CT scan, breathing test and sputum test, the consultant put me on an antibiotics called Azithromycin on Mon, Wed and Fri of each week I have only had one small infection since.

    Not saying that is what you should be on but thank goodness I went to see him, you have nothing to loose.

    polly xx

  • I'm on that now - changed my life (touches wood).

  • Thank you Polly, your input is very much appreciated, as you say I have nothing to loose, I will chat with GP on Monday, take care xx

  • Thank you stitch, your advice has helped, I think I need something that is more effective, it doesn't feel like the normal chest infection, my xray might tell me more or ask to see a consultant, I hope you are feeling better too as I remember you feeling unwell the other day,take care xx

  • hi brooksju sorry about your concurrent flare ups,,i have on average 3 or 4 ayear,,my last one started as usual out of the blue,about 3 wks ago 10 feb,feeling much better now i had 2 courses of anttbiotics first one ~28 tab'amoxill 3per day~~8 presnisolin 5mg a day for a wk after the course iwas still coughing up phlemg,i went to dr and informed him the amoxil was not doing its job [ in my opinion ] i recievd another lot o'steriods plus a new anti''biotic called clarithromycin~~or klaricid,,,it seems to work with me ,as i feel a lot better ,it is a vicious circle i have b/p and take 2 tab'plus a statin,,,,,which,,,while on this treament ,,have not taken them for 3 wks ,i hope you can get a satisfactory answer with your flare ups ,i think your medication is not strong enough ,,a wee bit like trial and error ,,all the very best

  • Thank you meldrum, I agree with you and everyone else, meds need to be altered as not strong enough, hopefully get it sorted on Monday with GP, I do appreciate all the advice, take care xx

  • I seem to be in the same boat at the minute. Just been prescribed my third lot today. I appear to be nearly over it then a couple of days later it appears again. Started with Augmentum, then Doxycyclin now Clarithramycin (stronger dose than usual). Also taking in a sputum sample tomorrow to make sure I am on the right stuff. I so long for some warmer weather. Even people without lung disease also seem to be suffering a lot as well! Hope you start to feel better soon. xx

  • aye its been a terrible winter,been frost here [ central scotland ] the whole of 'feb'every where you go folk are coughing and sneezing, and that's where my trouble s starts,,,,,,,,i hope your chest soon clears up gilliam

  • Central Scotland!! Oh my blooming cold up there I bet, take care meldrum xx

  • Hi Gilliam, sorry to hear you are in the same boat, it is so miserable isn't it, I live with my daughter and the granddchildren come home with colds so back to square one, my meds do need to be changed though I think, see GP Monday and try to get it sorted, thanks for your support, roll on spring and sun, hope you feel better soon, take care xx

  • ha ha ,iam the every time my familycomes on holiday ,they all have colds ,after they go back home ,iam left with the usual infection,,,,,,,what can you do lol i think i'll start using a medical mask

  • Hi Teigy,

    I was like that last year, ended up with 10 steroids over the time of the 12 months. Ended up in hospital with inflammation of the bowel! The surgeon was very puzzled cos I don't eat meat and a very healthy diet. I say it was the antibiotics taking all the good bacteria out of my intestines, but of course the doctors don't answer? I went to a lady who does all herbs etc and she said I should have been taking acidophilus after the third lot, she was appalled I had taken so many. I started taking two a day first thing in the morning for a good while and now I take one a day maintenance. I would advise anyone to take these whether they have problems or not, we don't know what micro organisms are attacking our guts, it is only scientists and the like who would know so we need these to keep our bodies ship shape. I take the 40+ cos I am 65. It is Solgar vitamins....would not take any other make. Holland and Barrett do one...not very good. I have just been on amoxicillan for a very nasty chest infection, of course it has not cleared up (the stuff is rubbish) so I am back to the doctors again today, but looking toward alternative meds now. I had been taking hyssop tincture from the same shop, and it breaks up the mucous. Of course doctors don't believe in such things. Hope I have helped a little?

  • Sorry Brooksju, called you Teigy, don't know where on earth I got that from, lol...sorry

  • Hi naturelover, thanks for your advice, I do take supplements for over 50's and usual codliver oil,fish oils and D3+, I eat a healthy diet and don't have any digestive problems that I've noticed but like you say I do have concerns about keep taking amox, I am seeing GP on Monday so will ask for alternative, will try and get some hyssop tincture, hope you feel better soon,take care xx

  • ask you doctor if he would let you try~~~~clarithromycin~~klaricid 500mg 2wk course ,it helped me ,thats my chest clear after 3 long wks ,iwas also on amoxil i told my doctor ,my system was to used to it .....good luck

  • me too, 2 lots of antibiotics and now waiting for a sputum test result today.

  • Hi brooksju,

    Yes please ask for a stronger antibiotic. the last one my consultant advised was Doxycycline 100mg for 14 days. My problem is inflammation all over both lungs, the first consultant said it was an allergy to my parrot I had but my new consultant says it is not an allergy in his opinion.....he is wanting to do a bronchieoscopy but they will have to put me to sleep to do it, I am a very nervous person and would go hysterical. I want to find out though once and for all what is attacking my lungs....this has gone on for years now. I still wonder about my central heating which is blow air....but the doctors have continually told me it is not that. However, two separate heating engineers over the past 3 months or so, have said that would be the cause? Anyway enough about me....hope you get sorted, let us know.

  • hi brooksju,i also have an afrcan grey parrot....some people are allergic to there dust,,,,which is called ''dander''we spray our parrot,,,[ skye ] 3or 4 times per wk to keep it down ,best speaker you ever heard ,,love it to bits ps its dander disnae bother me

  • Don't worry about the bronchy they can sedate you. I had my central heating changed from warm air to radiators and have found quite a difference in my breathing I went through Social Services and only had to pay a small portion of the cost.

    Don't think I would risk having a parrot I had a cockateil some years ago and notices when the sun shone into the room you could see all the dander floating around so I gave him to a good home, sad but necessary.

    polly xx

  • Just a reminder if you do a sputum sample get them to put on the form what antibiotics you have been taking.

    polly xx

  • Hi all. The cheapest way to protect your gut from the ravages of medications, is to make LIVE (containing Acidophilus Bacteria) Low Fat Yoghurt a part of your daily diet. Particulally when taking Antibiotics as they destroy the comensal(resident/harmless) bacteria in the gut.

    This advice should be given by GP's when they prescribe.

    Regards Valcopd.

  • Thanks for that Pollyjj, I never thought about contacting social services., will enquire. My bird was actually a cockatiel... I had him 27 years...lovely little personality. I used to kiss him, little did I know I was giving myself a disease! Apparently it is when the feathers get old, they start causing problems. But this new guy says it is not an allergy in his we will wait and see.

    Hi Valcopd, yes bio yoghurt is fantastic, but I have been advised it does not reach the intestines (where all the problems can occur) because the stomach acid attacks it, whereas the acidipholus tablets get through ok to do their work. I have today been given Clarythromycin and I remembered taking them once before.....the side effects are horrendous, it even includes fits....which I have had in the past years ago. My GP wanted to give me another course of amoxicillan but I said I wanted something stronger as still coughing up muck. Not sure I have done the right thing now!

  • Hi brooksju, I seem to be having the same problem. If this last lot of steroids don't do the trick, will go back to doctor. After speaking to BLF nurse have requested referal to Respirtory clinic and have appointment on 3rd April. Hope you make some progress


  • Hi puffed, sorry to hear you are feeling the same, hopefully we can both get sorted out, I think after listening to all the great advice, I need a stronger antibiotic, going to GP Monday, see what he says, take care, hope you feel better soon xx


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