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Interesting Chat With @Gordon57 On Value Of PH Or If Any

Me And Gordon57 Had Interesting Chat As Illustrated Below On PH And FEV And Co2 Stats But Due To Value Of Our Conversation It Needs Its Own Question Answer Page

We Talked About PH And Lung Sats .... Then We I Got Carried Away With Myself As Illustrated Below :O

But In Our Conversation I Asked Why Sciencetist Are Not Trying To Find A Quick Fix By Putting Oxegen Into Our Blood Streams Vie Our Digestive System

And It Looks Like They Are Thanks To Sir Ranulph Fiennes High Altitude Sickness Hypoxia And Those With Chronic Lung Disease ..... Looking Further Into It Its Very Complex I Asked My Consultant About IRON And He Said Not Even Going There With That I Thought Was Strange

But Now Looking Into It Myself I Know Why .... Very Complex Is PH Levels IRON And Iron Is Also TOXIC But Sciencetist Are Trying To Find More Ways Of Putting Oxygen Into Our Blood Stream And That As To Be A Good Thing :P


I Have Question @Gordon57 Would Them Strips You Pee On Be A Good Sats Test For Test Alkalinity In Your Blood And Do You Think Tay Do Such A Thing ?

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There are many grades of test strips, it depends on what you want to test for. They're not much good with blood as they are designed for urine or saliva. I think there are some that give an indication of alkaline in the blood, you test your spit and pee first thing in the morning, but best to speak to a GP or nurse about that. Ph testing is beyond the level I can comment on - 'cos I know little about it


Cheers ... A Look Into It Further I Know Blood As Co2 Levels Like We Monitor For Oxygen Levels .... As To Stop It Dropping Why

I Know Obvious Reasons Why .... But What Happens To Our Blood Will It Turn Moor Alkaline After All We Are Just A Vat Of PH Soup .... Like Our Lungs Are F#### To Put It Blunt But We Still Have Fine Digestive System

So Why Cant We Make Use Of That For Putin Oxygen Into Our Blood Streams After All Is Not Oxygen A Chemical Element .... If Like They Say Our Body Will Do Its Best To Find Alternatives Why Is There Not One

These Sciencetist Need To Get There Finger Out B4 MMU .. It Not Like I Have All Day

Cheers For Answer @Gordon57

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The conversation raises important issues respiratory cycle maintaining ph balance it would not be safe having an assumption of oxygen deprivation or carbon dioxide retention without evidence. The standard blood ph test is taken from earlobe in the normal range of 7.30 with small deviation allowable caused by hydration, exertion, relation to meal times.

Your doctor is correct introducing heavy metal element without evidence of deficiency will have toxic effect disturbing balance which the body is maintaining.

Micro oxygenation of blood research may have interest in this conversation on a complex issue for science affecting lung/ heart patients.


Hi thanks for your feed back on this complex and exciting story ... Just hope thay keep up research


How i come to raise subject of iron with counsultant ... Drinking lots of tea sucks iron out of your body ...


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