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Exercise is the key

I find it so much easier to walk without a treadmill. Recent research has posited that a treadmill records incorrect (less than accurate) readings and are not now usually used for the 6 minute walk. I find that the demand pressure applied by a treadmill is quite exhausting and prefer to either use an exercise bike or simply walk. I only use the treadmill when I want to experience self-torture!

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I had to do the treadmill on my first assessment at the hospital. I had to stop after a couple of minutes, I couldn't do any more. I went to be assessed for PR before Christmas and they just had me walking up and down the gym instead. They had a room full of treadmills but said they'd changed the way they measured people now.

I have issues with walking up a slope anyway, so was pleased I didn't have to use the machine.


I Didn't Do Any At Lung Clinic Just Breathing Test .... Why ?

Might Need To Ask Its Funny How Didn't Give It Second Thought Till This Post .... But Yes Flat Ground Am Ok Hills Grass Gavel Stairs I Have Problems

Like Bit About Torture @Martin1945 Class :)

All The Best :)


To prove a point. On the treadmill I could only manage 250 metres in 6 minutes at 2.5 kph, whereas walking the corridor I did 390 metres in 6 minutes.


I'm a bit slower than you Martin, I managed 302m! I found it ok although I do find the opposite, I can walk pretty non-stop for half an hour in the gym and that's with gradients. I'll try and walk round the tarn on Saturday and I'll have to stop even though its roughly the same distance. But agree the 6 minute walk was easier in the corridor.

Daz, not everyone is given the walk test, it's to establish if you need ambulatory oxygen. If you think you do then speak to your consultant.

Marie x


Hi everyone, just had to tell you I go to my rehab gym twice a week and have done for over a year now. I use the treadmill for 30 mins every session and have been able to work up to a 6% gradient at 5.1 kph. I have IPF and need to be on 6ltr oxy whilst exercising. I agree with the comment that it's torture ! But as the saying goes "No pain no gain". My fitness level has improved over the months and I owe it all to the dreaded TREADMILL :)


Will tick the strongly agree box for exercise is the key in promoting health. In my opinion it matters not the form of exercise that can be used of more importance is the determination to be as fit as our conditions allow. The question of how fit ? would be how much effort can be put into this as the stages of a condition alter, taking responsibility for making the most from what is available.

Sitting down and waiting on a miracle is far away from the key of movement as much as possible doing those activities which improve the quality of life.


Good to hear your discussions on exercise, especially on whether you find treadmills useful or not. There's lots of work in the world of respiratory about what exercise is best and walking always seems to come out on top, and if you don't get on with treadmills then outside is the way forward if you can wear a scarf to block out the cold air!

Keep it up,

BLF Active


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