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What Is Cause Of Sharp Pain In What Feels Like Your Lung

I Had Sweaty Pain In My Lung .. Just Under My Right Rib Cage At Front .... Ad Like To Think It Was Speed Wobble

But Was In Bed At Time .... My Gp Say's It Could Be Pulled Muscle Or Mucus Moving About Internet Says It Could Be Holes Forming ... And Being Pluged Which I Am More Likely To Believe .... Causes And Fixes

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Best ring the BLF helpline - very helpful people. Love Anne80x


Yer Will Have To Sort Something ... Just Got Over Me Cold Then Its Something Else Not Had That For A Wile .... Well At Lest Its My F#### Lung :O

Cheers All The Best :)


Did it feel like you were being stabbed with a sharp needle or something every time you move for a spell? someone said that might be a spasm caused by medicine, hope you feel okay now, :) x


Yes It Was ..... Horrid Comes To Mind But Have Been Using Weights So I Hope Think It Might Be That :O Last Time I Had Likes Of That Was B4 I Was Diagnosed ... Don't Fancy Going Up That Road Again

Cheers For Answer All The Best :)


Just a thought but do you have gallstones do you know, because what you're describing could be gallladder pain


I had a pains under right rib cage, really bad some nights. Had my gall bladder removed, day surgery.


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