Thanks for the advice

A few weeks ago I asked for advice about PR - what happens, what they do etc. and you people gave me advice and links to videos; for that I thank you.

Having done my assessment (I only just passed the "speed walking" trials) they agreed to put me on the program and I attended yesterday for the first time.

Oh dear! The treadmill won't go slow enough, the cycles try and make my knees bend more than they will BUT, happy days! I can use the weights!

The amazing therapists have decided to try and improve my walking before worrying about my breathing so, hopefully, in six weeks I'll be able to walk, exercise and hopefully learn to breath a bit better.

Many thanks for all the advice.

(Sorry - I should have said osteoarthritis slows me down a little ;-) )

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  • I do not know anything about PR. But I am glad things are going okay for you and I wish you well xxxxx

  • Hello Ozzygirl, pulmonary rehab is very good, you go usually twice a week for 2 hours the first hour is excersise whithin your capabilities and the second is discussion on things like correct use of inhalers and what equipment you can get from occupational therapy on loan to help make life easier for you. You can ask your doctor or respitarory nurse to refer you, it really does help. I went last summer and stage 4 and on oxygen so there is something for everyone.

    Carole x

  • Thankyou, I will look into it when I next see the breathing nurse xxxxx

  • I'm delighted things went reasonably well for you y-not, and good luck for future sessions.

    I started my Pulmonary Rehab today (this is my second course, the first one was a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it so much I asked to be referred again). I'll be absent from here Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the next six weeks :)

  • Keep up the PR it really does improve your well being,both in fitness and mind

  • Goog luck! Stick with it, PR changed my life. x

  • Well done stick at it you will find that you improve in fitness as the weeks go by. Your sense of well being will increase by the end of your course. :-)

  • Keep at it - mine made a HUGE difference all round.

  • Blimey y-not, what type of PR are you doing? There were no treadmils or cycles in my course!

    If you are in the gym on exercise referral I could understand it, though as I understand it standard Pulmonary Rehabilitation doesn't include that kind of equipment! At least it did not on the PR course which I went on.

    So very well done to you if you are managing with help and support from the therapists. Keep it up, it will make a difference over time.

    Keep breathing eh?


  • Derby Hospital - better equipped than my local gym, therapists who think they are taskmasters (only joking).

    Scary thing is they give us homework! Last time I had homework I was wearing short trousers!

    Seriously, they identified the problems with my leg, tried various options, worked out an exercise plan and sorted everything in under an hour! Then said, we'll worry about getting him breathing after we get him walking!

    Thanks for your comments - and all the others!

  • Great news and hope it all continues well. PR does seem to be very good so keep it up if possible. xx

  • Sorry, but what is PR ?

  • Ok, I think I have seen an earlier post

  • Y_not, wow! Sounds good and a great start eh? Keep going if you can cos it will pay off!

    I graduated to the gym after my PR course and have kept that up- so pleased I did so.

    So good luck and enjoy!


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