Thanks everyone

I went to smoking cessation clinic today and the head nurse practitioner is absolutely wonderful. I have been smoke free for a short while now, only a week but a good start. She gave me a pack of two Nicontine sprays which I have only used once so far today and she also gave me Carbocisteine as well. So I wanted to thank you all for sparing me on since I joined the group.

I also have been dieting for the last five weeks and the GP reweighed me yesterday and I have dropped 1st 7lbs so far. I was gobsmacked. So thankyou a you all.

I may not be here for the next few days as I have a ton of stuff that needs doing xxxxx

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  • Glad Your Feeling Better In Ya Self And Are More Positive :)

    Av Been Puting Of Stopping Smoking Myself But Think I Have To Face Up To It Doing Me No Good

    All The Best :)

  • Well if I can do it Daz you can too. I thought I would never do it after smoking for 37 years. I have just used the spray again as I was feeling the urge, always do when the kettle goes on and I can say after a few minutes I was fine again. I got a pack of two sprays on my script and I never had to pay with getting IS. I could not have afforded it otherwise. I wish you well in giving it a good go, like you I decided I needed to face up to it xxxxx

  • I used to get the urge when I made a cuppa but got through that by deciding to enjoy the cuppa for what it was, for relaxing. I watched out for my " triggers " and worked through them by replacing them. Times where I'd have a fag I'd have a cup of tea or a bath or anything else which would replace the fag. After a few months i lost the craving for fags altogether.

  • Yeah that seems to be the thing for me. When I make a cuppa, so used to lighting up as well. So instead I make the cuppa and do a few word puzzles, fill the gap. A bath is more difficult as I normally have a fag while the bath is running. So now I have started to tidy the sock draws, anything to avoid just waiting for it to fill. I hope I lose the craving soon although right now it is not as bad as I thought it would be...thankyou xxxxx

  • I wish you all the best of luck.

  • Thankyou xxxxx :-)

  • Well done you. My granddaughter (19) stopped smoking a week ago today and I am so proud of her, I stopped nearly 2 years ago as I have copd and was so afraid for her health.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  • Well done to both of you. What scares me I think is that I could pick one up again at any time and ruin things. But I am doing okay so far, if I can get past my last effort of ten weeks I think I will be okay xxxxx

  • Well I kind of get sick of being told 'this happens and that happens and it may be because you are obese'. Horrid word but it hits home if it id thrown at you often enough by the medical profession. I originally lost 7 stone and I still had 7st 7lb to lose so got rid of a bit more. Yes I was very big lol xxxxx

  • Well done with the cigarettes and too loose weight as well BRILLIANT :)

  • Thankyou. I just worry now will will break first, the smoking or the eating xxxxx

  • Well done you :-)

  • Thankyou so much XXXXX


  • Yes good luck to everyone giving it a go xxxxx

  • Good for you, don't give in. I guarantee you will feel so much better for it!

    Lynne xx

  • I did feel better last time but as I said I only lasted ten weeks. if I can get past that I think I will be okay. I am filling my time with menial tasks that do not really need doing but it keeps me busy. Tomorrow will be hard as hubby and daughter going out so I will be on my own. That is when I reach for the fags. So I am putting a 'to do' list together to keep me occupied xxxxx

  • If you get rid of the fags in the house, you cant have them! Sounds simple but I know it isn't from experience. But you must be in charge of your body. Tomorrow is a test - dump the fags somewhere. Next step, put aside the money you would have spent on more fags and watch it mount up. Tell a friend what you are doing, or tell us.

    Believe me, you will still be alive at the end of the day! One day achieved so try another. Really wish you well ozzygirl64 Annie80xx.

  • Thanks Annie

    I have no smoking materials in the house at all that were mine. Hubby has but I have asked him to keep them with him at all times and he has agreed. I was happy when he put his spare tobacco into his safe and changed the pin number so I did not know it. He keeps his tin with him at all times and the override keys to the safe too, never out of his sight now. I get him to keep hold of any money I save and then when I want something imparticular I get him to get it for me until I get used to not smoking. If I have no cash I won't be tempted. I only ever take out enough change for a coffee now and if I need any bits I use the bank card so no cash on me. Hubby would see right away if I used the bank cards for fags or tobacco lol. I am not prepared to risk him giving me a telling off. xxxxx Nite nite

  • What a gem of a husband. Don't divorce him - yet!

  • well we have just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary but 16 years together. If I am not tired of him by now I never will be lol xxxxx

  • Sorry, 26 years together not 16

  • Keep going!

  • I am so impressed, ozzyggirl, and especially with your husband and his support. I know you will get there. You will get desire to smoke but learn to live with it, and it will lessen or you will get used to it. Another perk is that your house will look and smell fresher. Oddly enough after all these years, (1997) I still have an ashtray in the cupboard. It belonged to my mother who didn't smoke. My father died from smoke related conditions at age 59.

  • I am sorry about your dad. I have 6 ash trays in the house and the only person who smokes is hubby and a few visitors, not many. I do get the urge to smoke and I try to find something to do and use the spray as the last resort xxxxx

  • Keep in touch with my mate WILL POWER

  • I will COTC rest assured. And if I feel bad I will just come here lol and read some of your funny stuff xxxxx

  • Sorry KOTC lol

  • Brilliant news Ozzy,you have done SO well, and to lose weight too!! You must be so proud of yourself,so glad hubby is supportive too.

    I feel sure you will succeed,you know your triggers etc. and thats half the battle.Make sure you spoil yourself with something nice, from your saved ciggy money!!

    Remember we are all here,if you need further encouragment!

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • Thanks Wendells. I have had a treat today. On a Wednesday I have a cooked meal plus hubby bought me a small bar of chocolate for after that. He laughed when he asked me how many calories my intake would be for the whole day. I told him just under 1000 lol xxxxx

  • With the chocolate lol

  • Ozzygirl Good on you, stick with it i am sure you will succeed. I gave them up 8 years ago best thing i ever done. When you get to the stage when you can't stand the smell of smoke then you will have cracked it. When i stopped my ambition was to reach the day when i could say, i never thought about cigarettes yesterday at all, you know that day came and went and i didn't even realise it. So keep it up.

  • Ozzygirl. Refer to yourself as a non-smoker. It puts you in a better frame of mind.

  • Funny that as my nurse said 'so how long have you been a non smoker?', I never thought of it like that so from now on I am a non-smoker xxxxx

  • I bet that makes you feel better ! :)

  • A bit lol but I have come down with a bad cold today so feeling a bit rough. I felt rough yesterday but today I feel blahhhhh lol. Gotta go make a teatime brew now without sneezing all over the place xxxxx

  • Ah that's really good, well done!

    They told me that each craving only lates 2 mins and that if you can be busy in that time you've won! Worked well for me (8yrs) x

  • Well I hope I can get to one year let alone 8 lol. I have not even thought about smoking today so that is good for me. Kind of hard to keep myself busy as I feel really under the weather at the moment. So I am going in to sit with hubby and watch him try to fly the jet in this game he is playing on the Xbox xxxxx

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