Pete went along to rehab but they said no,no,no!

I went with Pete to PR today but he was not deemed suitable for the exercise programme due to osteoporosis and his breathing. The good thing is though that the physiotherapist is happy to phone us tomorrow and arrange to come to our home to help Pete with some exercises and to help him cough up mucus more easily. What service! I was very impressed as that could really make a difference to Pete and make things a little easier maybe. Here's hoping we get the call. xxxx

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  • NHS at its best. Good luck to Pete. Love Annie80

  • I agree Annie and thanks for your good wishes. Hope you are well. xxx

  • You must be relieved that, despite not being able to do PR, Pete is getting the attention he deserves. I hope it works well for him :)

  • Surprising that his doctors referred him onto a course that was beyond his capabilities, it was fortunate that the staff spotted this and did not let him continue for his own safety.

    Maintaining the level of exercise that a physiotherapist directs can only have positive benefits in health overall.

    Keep on learning Pete this will do more good than anything else that is given as treatment.

  • That is such good news, it restores my faith (a bit).

    Lynne xx

  • Thats fantastic! Good luck with it all,keep on there tail,if slow to ring!

    Wendells xx

  • good luck pete.keep up the dose work..well it has for me....

  • Thanks for all the positive comments and we will keep on top of things. I personally would love Pete to get help as he does deserve it. I also think that exercises tailored to him can only be a good thing. Stay well all. xxxxxx

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