Are you male - have a lung condition - and have used the BLF support services such as this community, the Helpline etc?

No - not a dodgy request looking for "someone to share my life with".

We are looking for people to talk about how they have benefitted from the support provided by the BLF - and hopefully using those stories on our web site - and even in the form of a film clip.

We have had some people come forward but all women - so as around 50% of the populaiton are men we would like to be representative etc - so are there any men out there willing to share their story.

Contact me to find out more - either my emailing or calling me on 03000 030 555.



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  • I have just emailed you at blf helpline.

  • Yes - just emailed you back.



  • Ad Like To Contribute .... I Feel I Have Lot To Offer ... Just Need To Be Kept In Check Or Is It Cheque :O

  • Just emailed you

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