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Do you or a loved one have Mesothelioma? Can you spare a few minutes to answer a few questions?

We have developed a survey in partnership with the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund, it is quite long but shouldn’t take you more than 7-10 minutes to fill out (depending on how much you want to tell us!). Your answers will be completely anonymous and will be used to make sure that the Government and decision makers take into account the experiences of people living with mesothelioma and their families in the coming months, a time when many changes to the legal claims process are being discussed.

We aim to write a report on what we have learnt from the survey, and will share it here in May.

If you don’t mind sharing your experiences with us, then click on this link: which will take you to a page on the BLF website with a bit more information and a link to the actual survey.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer if I can.

Thank you!

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Living With Mesothelioma My Research As More Questions Than Answers Ad Like To Say It Was As Cut And Dry As Mesothelioma But Think That's Only Half The Story

Ticking Time Bombs As Others In Medical Profession Refer To It .... Me Personally If Work Place Dust Exposure Levels Would Have Been Reduced Would Be Having These Sort Of Discussions .... And How Much As It Saved Industry Or British Economy Really

Then We Have Issue Of Progression Of Disease That Totally Omitted Or Not Talked About Or Even Taken Seriously ..... Then We Have Issue Of Ant-Inflammatory Drugs

So You See Mesothelioma Is Not A Easy Or Cut And Dry Subject .... Most People Don't Wake Up With BANG Mesothelioma Its How And Why They Got There Needs Discussion


And If I Could Expand Further

Most People Are Not Diagnosed With Mesothelioma Some Are Fobbed Of With BS Story And Told Names Of Other Diseases Totally Disregard There School Or Working History It Is Just Negligent Full And Prorogation Of Mis Information :O

Look At School Admin Staff & Manual Workers ... When It Come To There Deaths Threw Lung Cancer Or Mesothelioma No Records Was Kept Up Till Recent .... Sure Some Manual Workers Records Was Logged But They Was In Industries It Was Hard To Hide Full Extent Of Working Environment On Health Deaths

But Issue Is In My Opinion Is How Other Diseases Have Proven Link Cause Mesothelioma Lung Cancer But There Adamant Denial Is Laughable If It Wasn't Such A Serious Subject

Take Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Am I Right In Thinking Holes In The Lung Mainly At Edge Of Lung :O Then We Have Velcro Crackles (or rales) But We Are Still Talking About Asbestosis aka Pulmonary Fibrosis :P Or Asbestos Induced Lung Diseases

Then We Have Bronchogenic Carcinoma And Mesothelioma Only When Pleural Plaques Bullae Emphysema Telly Tubies Gut As Finished

But Whas Is Most Shocking Is The Way The Deny The Evidence When Its Clear Too See Ye Sure The Is A Lot Of Variables Such As Progression Of Disease Health History Work History Exposure Smoking Habbits But To Totally Blame Smoking Is Ridicules :P

As You Can See Asbestos Is Made Up Of Lots Lung Problems .... Am No Expert But My Diagnose Is If Your Lucky To Be Diagnosed With Asbestos Its Early Stages Of Disease Contrary To Belief It Will Kill You Mesothelioma And Or Lung Cancer


Thank you for your comments dazisnotsogood, it is such a complicated area with so many different variables it is hard to really understand what people are actually going through. You have summed up many of the terrible issues people are having to tackle, often with a lack of support and transparency. lets hope things change soon for the better!


Couldn't Agree More @JoKaye Its Good There Is Places Like BLF Where People Can Swap Talk About There Experiences Treatments And Get Adive .... I Have Found Very Helpfull Myself In Coming To Terms With My Illness :O

All The Best

Daz :)


How I wish I had found this website long ago. My husband died in July this year from Mesothelioma being diagnosed with this terrible disease in March 2011. I would like to share our experience on this site and fill in your survey if it is not too late.


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