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Looking for happiness a feeling that is sometimes tough work uncovering the hiding places (my glasses share this trait) that shield our eyes.

We have to start with knowing what happiness means as individuals there can be no one size fits all definition that lifts moods, putting light into the dark places where fear and doubt live.

Taking the positives having the glass half full, removing obstacles that block our vision of what may be so close and yet so far away if we can not find where the hiding places are.

Discovering the the triggers for happiness then planning how they can be used in a brighter world, my own favourite is looking onto a spring garden as new growth brings a riot of colour a that has hidden below the soil. Sharing the feelings that cause happiness will help it spread as indeed an infection needing no drugs only gentle nurturing.

Find a little happiness in everything we do :-)


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The spring garden and plants at that time of the year in general are one of the main things that make me feel good. In fact, really good ! :)


Lovely words. :)


Wonderfully put,I salute you! Oh so true,

Wendells xx


Sunshine for happiness


Today had some time sitting out in the sun and just listening to the birds - what a joy it's been :)


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