Yikes, I'm in trouble now! Did you know, that "Too Much Sitting (is) Linked to Chronic Health Problems". It's not just amount of exercise, but the actual time spent sitting during the day.

A study in Australia included 63,000 men between the ages of 45 to 65. They found that the men who sat for less than four hours per day, were less likely to have chronic health conditions. This was true for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. "The number of chronic diseases reported increased along with sitting time. This was true even after the investigators took the men's physical activity level, age, income, education, weight and height into account."

A researcher reported, "We saw a steady stair-step increase in risk of chronic diseases the more participants sat. The group sitting more than eight hours clearly had the highest risk,"…


NOTE: While people with jobs like office workers and truck drivers need to be concerned, so to people with COPD. Since many people with COPD have a tendency to sit more than others, it is definitely something to consider. Even if we exercise, we need to think of ways to be more active during the day, which is a very difficult task for many of us.

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Wake up call get the butt off the bench because it's only going downhill don't ride this train.

Absolutely Aril, sometimes we have to test our selves out I think!

Wendells xx

A case for positive action Wendells a timely reminder going into springtime.

Yes your spring time around the corner,autumn will be on the way soon over here!

Yes, more walk abouts less sitting but only when Wendells sends the warm sunshine.

Lib x

Trying Lib, but the winds want to come too!!

Wendells xx

Like that cgo!!

Wendells xx

Phew - thank goodness it only applies in Australia ! :D


Any excuse eh?? Ha Ha xx

Streuth,fair shake of the sauce bottle mate!!

They're all upside down anyway.

That was for Gordon!!

Well that's me off the computer for now anyway! Up and at em I say. G'day mate! xxx

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