COPD or just a lingering infection?

I had a really bad chest infection before Christmas (don't normally get more than a cough and cold) Cleared up with antibiotics but as there was residual slight breathlessness GP sent me for Xray (all clear) and then did spirometry couple of weeks ago. She says spirometry difficult to interpret but that I have mild COPD. Is this likely to be a definitive diagnosis or is it possible that I need longer to recover from the effects of the chest infection?

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  • If spiro was done while you had an infection then results would be flawed. You need to be tested when it has cleared so they can be more sure of the diagnosis. Two weeks after should be clear enough, so I can't figure out why they say 'difficult to interpret'.

    Perhaps they should send you to the hospital to be tested there, they tend to have better equipment. It also has to be said that a lot of GP's are not very well informed on COPD and spirometry tests whereas the hospital are doing them all the time.

    At least you'd be sure of the diagnosis.

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  • Don't just rely on needing longer to recover and a clear chest Xray result. The spirometry should have shed more light on your condition in my opinion. I have moderate/severe COPD and my last Xray was clear now just been for a CT scan to find the extent of damage to my lungs. Keep on at your GP to give you a positive answer to your condition and prescribe medication as required. I said I wasn't giving into it and having my life ruled by medication, but now I'm paying the price for it. Mick.

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  • As far as I know Xray doesn't show how bad emphysema is. Only a CT scan can show that.

  • Agreed My Doctor Said My Chest Was Clear After Looking At Xray .... But Year Before Hospital Doctor Who Did Xray Said I Had Chronic Lung Disease

    As Others Have More To It ... So Need It Checking Out Properly I Went Out With Anti Inflammatory Drugs That Could Have Saved My Lungs

    Am No Expert But Like Others Have Said Ned Follow Up

    All The Best

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  • it looks like bronchitis tae me,,,,,,,,,,c.o.p.d disnae happen over night......a doctor is not qualified to make this decision,it must be a chest specialist,,,he will check the litre capacity of you lungs ,by using various machines and you wil also likey blow into a computer, that tells him all he needs to will be written on a graph,,,,it cannae lie ,been there wore the t/shirt.......hope this helps good night

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  • mild copd is nothing to worry about ,,,last time i was checked ,iwas moderate ha ha whatever that is ,and as for xrays ihave quite a few,,,1 last year ,where they detected a infection in my lower left lung ,but it soon cleard with medication !in the late 80s i was checked out by the department of trade and industry ,i was claiming against the national coal board,for indusrial injury benefit'''[ bronchitis ] the result was i was 44% disabled ,via my lungs i recieved a benefit for life, like to point out my case ws handled by the''national.union miners'',so i have went a wee bit downhill since then lol

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