PRESBYTERIAN reads Best in prayer

ASTRONOMER "" Moon starer "

DESPERATION " A rope ends it

THE EYES '' they see

GEORGE BUSH " he bugs gore

THE MORSE CODE " here comes dots

DORMITORY " dirty room

SLOT MACHINES " cash lost in me

ANIMOSITY " is no amity

ELECTION RESULTS " lies-lets recount

SNOOZE ALARMS "alas! no more z's

A DECIMAL POINT " I'm a dot in place

THE EARTHQUAKES " that queer shake

ELEVEN PLUS TWO " twelve plus one

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  • Never Really Got Point Of Anagrams .... Like Whats Annotation Used For And Is It A Reference Research Point :O

  • Oh dear,sorry you did'nt get it Daz! Its rearranging the letters of a word,to form a new one.Hope that helps!

    Wendells xx

  • Hi Thanks For Answer ... Yes Is Very Clear But Issue Or Issue's Is They Are Not Very Good At Judging I/Q Or You Would Not Of Missed My Point As Never Said I Didn't Understand ANAGRAMS Just Don't Do It For Me

    Can Correct Me If Am Wrong :O

  • Very clever Wendells. Made me giggle.


  • Where do you get them from?

  • Good brain food!

  • And lastly ,,,HAMBURGERS,,,,,,,SHERGARS BUM

  • love anagrams, and any word games, keeps the old brain in working order,amagran is an anagram of anagram, and I amagran which is where my handle comes from.

  • You've got a handle Amagran? Is that to get you started?

  • Thanks for the comments,everyone,just to lighten the mood,and give the old brain matter a whirl! Bit like scrabble!

    Breathe easy everyone,

    Wendells xxx

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