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Yet another bad day!!!!

Hi all,

I'm really getting so fed up with feeling ill all the time and constantly out of breath and wheezing.

Tonight, I started coughing and over an hour later I was still coughing and wheezing and very breathless.

I only have my ventolin to use when I'm bad, but tonight even that doesn't seem to be working!!

I am hopefully going to be getting an appointment with another specialist (2nd opinion) as 3 years on I still don't know why I'm like this!

I feel so depressed and tearful tonight, struggling to breath, feeling really cold but head burning up.

Anyway, hope everyone is keeping well

Jan xx

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Life is a lot easier when you know what you have got and are being given the correct medication. If you find it hard to breath try and relax and breath in quite deep on the count of one and out on 2,3 and 4, with pursed lips if that helps.


A like on this answer knowing what is happening and the best treatment available at hand makes for less anxiety.


Hi Jan, your mental and emotional state have a great bearing on your breathing - controlled pursed lip breathing as puff suggests above, be sure to exhale as slow as you can ideally twice as long as the inhale. Reduce exertion to a minimum - try sitting with your elbows forearms on your knees leaning slightly forward. You're not alone everyone here goes thro this and we try to support each other. Try thinking about positive things family, friends your husband ill bet he's being supportive.

It will pass Jan hang on in there. Good luck.



Forgot to add if you get really worried ring 111 and get proper medical assistance.

Good luck again.



What is 111


111 is a call for help but below life threatening. Paramedics will attend and help. Patient gets help they need and costs are kept down also emergency have resources available for life threatening conditions road accidents fires etc. hope this helps carol.



jan i would also call 111 if your so badly out of breath and coughing so long will do more harm so please call them


I'm so sorry to hear that you are not well jan. I can't really add anything to whats been said except I was always told to use my ventolin when needed. As soon as I feel wheezy or start coughing I use it. I will keep on hammering it until the symptons ease. Even though I am only supposed to do 2 puffs every 4 hours I can do a lot more puffs with no

adverse effects.

Hope this helps.

Bev x


Jan25 i was like you bit until i found i had copd i kept on taking cough medisan .

As when i counght to hard some times i was losing water as well

but what i found help full was to put your two hands at the back of your neck

and your elbows on my nees plus moveing my head from side to side with my hands locked to gather behind my neck .slowly breathing in and out.


back to the docs then - may have an infection ? see this and othe blogs for help with breathing.

Sputum Clearance Exercises

It is particularly important to do sputum clearance exercises during an exacerbation (flare-up) of COPD, but they can also be performed whilst the patient is stable.

The following exercise sequence can be used twice daily or more often if needed:


Take the BLUE reliever inhaler and wait 15 minutes



Get into a relaxed position (ideally a seated position) to relax your shoulders and tummy muscles and focus on breathing gently for a few minutes to become relaxed. Aim for breathing in through the nose and out through their mouth.


Deep breathing

Sit up straight.

Take a deep breath in until you cannot fit any more air in, hold for 3 seconds, and then gently breathe out. Repeat three times.

Follow the deep breathing with relaxed breathing again.

If the patient has caught their breath and feels that sputum is loosened, go onto the next stage (huffing).



Take a medium breath in and then force the air out gently through a wide-open mouth, as if you are misting up your glasses to clean them. Repeat 3 times.


Hi Jan.Try the BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 They are full of advice and compassion


You seem to share the same views as me Jan 25 as I live just up the rd from you, were very lucky to have the hills untill we have to try and walk up them. It sounds as though your suffering and need a definate diagnosis thats got to be the way forward, I wish you good luck with your 2nd opinion.


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