Tomorrow is not just another day!! (Keep Calm)

Tomorrow is not just another day!!   (Keep Calm)

Tomorrow is lung transplant assessment day and I can honestly say the pressure is building! Its a 40 mile trip with an 8.30 appointment time so thats gonna mean quite an early start but I can't see me oversleeping somehow. In fact any sleep at all may be difficult tonight as there is so much at stake for me and my family. I quess if I don't get on the transplant list, it'll just mean business as normal but if I do then there is still a realistic chance of once again breathing normally. It would be nice to live with that dream for a while even if it dos'nt materialise. Wishing you all good health. Tonyxxx

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  • Wishing you lots and lots of luck Tony! Will you be staying over? has a really good bit about Tia's experiences of the transplant assessment. Its very reassuring. Really hope you get the nod and do come back and share your experience for those still to get that far.

    Marie x

  • Keep dreaming and hoping for a lung transplant, hope the journey goes well tommorow and the assessment is a success.Best Wishes and Good luck.

  • Oooooh Tony all the very best - you'll be trying to keep cool and they'll be expecting, whatever they expect. Be cool be yourself, everyone who reads your blog will be wishing you well.

    Best of luck tony


  • All the very very best xx

  • Good luck. Let us know what they say.

    Lynne xx

  • Good luck

  • Sending good wishes and positive thoughts to you. :) xxx

  • All the best good wishes for a successful outcome - love Annie80x

  • Congratulations on getting this far, a major achievement in itself. The only way is up as they say so positive thinking all round I reckon. We are all routing for you, drive safe too in the morning xxxxxxxx

  • fantastic, best wishes

  • Wishing best for you and the family.

  • Best of Luck tomorrow.


  • Good luck hope it goes well for you.

  • Thank you all for your kind and supportive words everybody. I love this BLF webb site and all who blogg on it.

  • Good Luck everything will be crossed here for you (and that includes my eyes) Will be thinking about you all day



  • Very best od luck. Will be thinking of you. x

  • Good luck Tony. Hope it all goes well for you. x

  • I hope it goes your way. Good luck.

  • Good luck tomorrow - hope you manage to get some rest tonight. X

  • Keep dreaming and wishing you all the very best for tomorrow BBx

  • Good luck hope all goes well

  • good luck, thinking of you.xx

  • Wow good lucky Tony. Will be thinking of you.

    Bev xx

  • What a beautiful family Tony,will be thinking of you my friend, and also a prayer or two!!

    You must be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment,as I am sure your family is too.

    My heartfelt good wishes to you all.

    Big Hugs Wendells xxxxx

  • Very best wishes and the very best of luck, I too will be praying for you and your beautiful family. Hope it all goes well for you. xxx

  • Best of luck Tony

  • wishing you all the best tony but just remember if you dont get on the list this time its becaulse thay think you are still to fit as you will no there is a window of time and you need to be init to get on the list i was told 12 month ago im was about 18 months away from getting onit mysalf im back up freemans on the 27 of next month for my next transplant assessment so from this T all the best to you and the fam

    ps does your carrer have to stay ovef night with you ?

  • Good luck Tony, hope all goes well.

    polly xx

  • Good luck with your assessment. Is this the first? As when I went on the list I had 4 days in Harefield hospital whilst they did all the tests necessary. I came off the list last year after being on it for three years without a match being found. A transplant is no longer a viable option for me.

    I wish you good luck and hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi Tony,

    Good luck & best wishes.

    Sue x

  • Hi Tony

    Good luck with your trip, I sincerely hopes it all goes your way.

  • All the very best Tony and Godbless x

  • so much good luck and hope all goes well Tony - love Janie xx

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