Yesterday I had the first session of hypnotherapy, I was a little apprehensive when I first arrived, but was soon put at ease. He talked through my history and the things that were giving me problems, he then explained what was happening in my mind and how he thought he could help.

Next came the let’s see how you respond bit. He made me relax and put me ‘under’ (I am not sure of the correct word as trance and sleep seem to strong) I was totally aware of everything he was saying and doing, I knew I could just open my eyes and be back in total control.

He then put me back under and talked to my sub-conscious, it seems a little strange as he does it, but there was a lot of logic in what he was saying.

Although this was the first session I am sure I feel different, getting changed for bed last night did not bring on the usual sit on the bed and gasp for breath, and this morning things seem easier to control.

So I look forward to next session, and to those thinking of trying it don’t be afraid, you are in control at all times.

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  • Hi Moneal

    I'm sorry but if there has been previous posting about your hypnotherapy I missed it.

    Is it intended to combat panic, or depression, or just the every day effort of keeping going?

    Years ago I had some hypnotism sessions to help me with studying a law course when I just couldn't remember the names of cases and it was very successful. Did your session have to be paid for privately or did it come under the NHS - in which case, how?



  • I would be very interested also to know how this is going to help you, tell us some more.

    polly xx

  • I sufferer with what I consider to be self-induced panic attacks, most of which relate to previous experiences, e.g. I have in the past got out of the shower and suffered a severe breathless attack, so now when I shower I constantly think this is going to happen again, by the time I finish the shower I am so tense I am on the edge of an attack. The original cause came from reading that showers and getting dressed can be a problem, now my mind thinks it is a problem so goes into panic mode to stop me doing it. The hypnotist says this is the subconscious mind trying to protect me from doing things it thinks might harm me. It’s very like the Harry Potter Book where Dobby the house elf nearly kills him trying to save him from getting hurt.

    It happens with various things and I know it is in my mind; the latest is driving the car or climbing the couple of steps into the house. Because I think about it I can cause the breathless attack almost before I do it.

    The hypnosis will hopefully alter my subconscious so that these things don’t take over, as the man said if I tell you not to think about a pink elephant then of course you instantly do. So you have to teach the mind to think of purple hippos instead.

    I have been using a CD of self-hypnosis, which does seem to work and gives me a lot more control but I would like to target the bad areas and see if helps.

    My hospital consultant said it is not the thing you are doing that cause the attacks, it’s the thought that result will be an attack.

    I hope this answers the question, let me know if it does not.


  • I forgot to add, I found an offer on Groupon.co.uk, I had been thinking of going for a while but this was too good an offer to miss. So I paid privately to go.

    I did talk it over with my GP who was not enthusiastic; her comment was that there are a lot of charlatans out there beware where you spend your money.

  • The power of the mind should not be underestimated!! its a facinating subject, keep going I believe you are realy helping yourself overcome one of the most frightening things known to man,....panic attacks! all the best to you Moneal x

  • I would love to believe this works, but yrs ago I went for me weight problem, came out , and bought a mars bar ,,,,,groan,,,, did lose the weight a year later but only through calorie control and exercise ,still we are all unique , if it wors for you go for it the power of the mind is sooooo strong

  • I believe this can work if you want it to, some years ago I went for help to stop smoking and I did. Later I started again but it did work originally. I also have the same fear of the shower and washing my hair, maybe something to think about thank you.

    polly xx

  • The first question I was asked was 'Do you really want this to work', if you are not determined then it wont work. So going to give up smoking will only work if you are certain that it is your choise not others telling you to do it

  • some hypnotherapists are better than others. It can help so much in altering how your brain reacts and what it focuses on after whatever has been the trigger for potential panic. Seems like you found a good one. Glad you feeling the benefit :) x

  • Hello Maurice. Whow, could have been reading my own blog, I suffer just the same type of panic attacks and agree that so much of it is in my mind. but knowing that does not overcome the problem despite the pills and self chastisement ,my panic rules - so shall be interested to hear how you progress with the hypnotherapy , and meanwhile look around here for a hypnotherapist. Suspect it will have to be a self funding exercise - don't think GPs are all in favour . Thanks for another path of hope! :)

  • I have added an update on hypnosis after my second visit, there is an improvement I think it is doing something

  • As I have said beware of the charlatans look for one who is a member of

    The London College of Clinical Hypnosis you should be safe with them.

  • I posted an earlier blog, if you put HYPNOTHERAPY into the search at the top of the page you should reach it,


    Yesterday was my second visit, we chatted about any improvements and what still worried me, then he put me 'under' (still looking for the correct word) and talked me along a pathway to a house, I could see all these things in my mind, then I sat in an imaginary chair and he talked about the fears I had and how they would go away. He then woke me up and when I left I drove home. It was when I got home I realised that for the first time in months the car had not caused me to tense up and worry about my breathing, I got changed for bed last night, no panic, just slightly breathless which I put down to my being so out of condition, sometimes it would take half an hour or more to get into bed. So far no morning shakes as I head towards the shower. Long may it last. Next session is a week away. I will let everyone know how it goes, WATCH THIS SPACE.

  • Thanks moneal - glad to hear you are finding benefits from your sessions, keep it up :) interested to follow your progress.

  • Yesterday was session three, things have been going well, but In the morning I had an early appointment with the GP and for some reason that throw me. So yesterdays session dealt with panic when time is short, haven't had to test it yet but if it works as well as the other treatments have I should not have a problem.

    I have yet another chest infection, normally I would grind to a halt, getting dressed in the morning would have been hell, and taken for ever, this morning I was able to change in just a couple of minutes I was slightly breathless but could breath through it without a problem.

    I have the last session booked for next week, then if I have a problem after that I can get a top up session, I really would not have believed what a difference it has made to me.

  • Four days from the last session of hypnotism, and this morning, I have stood at the wash basin and shaved, not been able to that for months usually have to sit on a stool, Showered without panicking and gasping for breath, and got dressed in two minutes normally takes 20 to 25, driven the car, normally, after a few hundred yards panic would set in, today, nothing.

    Unfortunately it does not get rid of the cough, but I might have a chance to get fitter and loose the beer/steroid gut I have grown over the last six months. If I drank beer I would start to worry about the size of it.

    Next session is on Tuesday but can now honestly say it has helped me

  • Thanks for update on the hypnotherapy monteal, sounds to be having a good result for you, am often told it's all in the mind and how true , it seems- if one can change ones thinking pattern there's a whole new world out there even if we are breathless;) Well done and keep it up:) and keep us posted please :)

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