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Yesterday I threw a minor tantrum over yet another of ubby's confusion attacks and called NHS Direct who sent out the out of hours doctor. She was not happy with his condition and was concerned that he was having mini strokes (there is a proper name, Wendells told me but age prevails and I have forgotten), anyway he was promptly admitted to hospital. Luckily for us his consultant was on duty this weekend and I don't think we have ever been more pleased to see her. After a series of tests etc. she has confirmed that his high blood pressure has caused all of these problems and that in all probability he has had at least one mini stroke. They are doing a CT scan on his brain today (yes, I am going to say it 'if they can find it') and then review his case and medications.

Thank you everyone for listening to my ramblings.

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  • Poor you. Hope everything is ok. Mini strokes are TIAs or Transient Ischaemic Attack to give the full name. Lucky you had such a good on call doctor and that the Consultant was on duty.


  • The on call doctor was lovely, Eastern European, and was kind enough to give us all the gossip on our GP!! Just heard from hubby and it looks like he is staying in for the time being as he has asked for some things to be taken in.

  • Goodmorning Secondlife, I'm so glad and relieved for you that Hubbie is getting the attention he needs, he's indeed lucky he had you,his guardian angel looking out for him! Lets hope he'll be back home with you soon and feeling much better, I think you should treat yourself in some way, you deserve it!! and keep on rambling if you need to! have an enjoyable Sunday :) x

  • Thanks, when he is sorted I think my treat will be a short break somewhere nice with him.

  • You deserve a nice break

  • during visiting today I took him a fishing magazine which had loads of adverts for short break fishing holidays and he seemed very keen on that, luckily I enjoy it also

  • Yes I am pleased to

  • Thank you - I have control of the remote control lol

  • The peace and quiet gets to you after a while and it was chilly in bed last night

  • Good Morning

    I am really pleased you had a decent emergency doctor you hear so many horror stories. Enjoy you little bit of freedom whilst you can because if they can sort your husband out with the right medication he will be fine when he comes home. I had a series of TIA's a couple years ago and I am fine now I am checked regularly but except for the occasional memory lapse (like my turn to pay for something :) ) I am back to normal - as I ever was anyway!!



  • So pleased you finally got it sorted! It amazes me, that I could give a probable diagnosis,over the net! What were the Doctors thinking?? It sounded so likely.

    Anyway now you are on the right track,and as Jandan proves,he will still be able to get on and enjoy life! Just as long as his blood pressure is under control.

    Make sure you take care of yourself too,as you have been under a strain.

    Love to you both Wendells xxx

  • what is even more unbelievable is that his eldest siste had tia's and angina and his younger sister died of a brain tumour. The doctor said the headaches were probably due to his recent chest infection and worrying about whether had the same condition as his younger sister. Something we need to talk about when he is better as to whether we change surgeries.

  • Yes probably worth looking at! But just takes things,one step at a time, for the present!!

  • Hope hubby is soon on the mend SecondLife and you take care too. xxxx

  • Thanks, just waiting for a call from him to see whether he can come home although they said yesterday that his blood pressure and heart rate was still high, we'll see

  • Glad everything worked out for you both.Best wishes.

  • Thank you

  • My very best wishes to both of you.

  • Thank you, hoping he will come home today although his blood pressure was high again yesterday

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