Are Massage Machines Any Good For Lung Condition :P

Dreaming Of Stat On A Beach With The Red Hot Sun Burning My Belly Fat Molecules Away ... Nice :)

In Realty A Jumped On One Of The Old Things With Big Rubber Band :O And It Lit Shacked The S'''' Out Of Me Felt Like I Had Done Around With Tyson :P And Coughed Up A Few Mucas Balls But ..... Issue Is Will I Dislodge My Lung And Is It To Heavy Need To Be Looking At Chair

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  • Dazinotsogood...just don't get the meaning of your message. I have a bird brain ..but anxious to make a wise comment. Bye from annie

  • Nor do I and funny as it may seem a capital letter at the beginning of each word seem to make it more difficult to read :D


  • I agree with the capitals, carole. Think Dazi etc. says exactly what is in his mind!! Duck your heads.!!! -

  • Think Your Right @Annie80 Or Is That Write .... But Yes You Have Hit The Nail On The Head :O

  • Hi, I know exactly what you are saying, I used to have one of those massage machines with the very wide rubber band and it shook the living daylights out of me. We have just bought a vibration plate machine in the hope it will shake the whole body and perhaps shake loose all the gunk in my husbands chest. Even if it doesn't, it will tone up his muscles as he cannot exercise much anymore and his muscles are wasting away. Any exercise is better than none.

  • Just little add on, we have also bought a massage chair so he can sit and have the machine massage his back whilst he sits and watches the television. Anything at all to help his lungs work better.

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