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Lung cancer

Hi I came across this site while trying to get more information on copd. I was diagnosed with it several years ago and it's been worse the last year. Now it looks like I may have lung cancer. Chest x Ray showed something suspicious so I was booked in for an emergency ct scan yesterday. I am having a Broncoscopy on Tuesday so hopefully I will get the results then. Both my parents died from lung cancer so I am worried sick. Everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine, but. When I spoke to the specialist nurse she said that she and the consultant had discussed the possibility of cancer. I am in a lot of pain, lost weight and bad cough that won't go away.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Pat. I wish you all the best for Tuesday, but I'm not surprised you are anxious, anyone would be. Perhaps you could have a chat with someone on the BLF helpline when they are back in on Monday.

Lynne xx


Good luck for tuesday Pat,I do feel for you,lets hope you are worrying for nothing.IF anything wrong, at least you may be catching it early.

Do let us know how you go,will be thinking of you,

Hugs Wendells xxxx


Hello Pat, please watch this video and don't give up hope, I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and praying for a good outcome of your tests. hugs Carol x


I hope things go well on Tuesday Pat and will be keeping my fingers crosses for you




Thinking of you Pat, you must be very anxious, but hopefully things will go well on tuesday.

(((((((((((hugs)))))))))). Remember to come back if you want to talk, always someone with good advice or support.



Hope your results are good on Tuesday, but every best wish no matter what the outcome


Thankyou all for your support x


Toronto, hope all goes well on tuesday and the results favourable, we are all thinking of you. xx


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