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Follow up to my scary day

After our scary day a week ago, I have made sure hubby takes his blood pressure tablets and have bought a home bp monitor. Yesterday went back to the GP for a check up and he said the readings were still too high and gave him another tablet to take on top of the other one. Came home, took the new one and after a few hours he had another funny turn, thankfully it passed after 30 minutes. Now what I do not understand is that last week the GP said "it cannot possibly be the new tablet for bladder problem", yesterday "it was the new tablet for bladder problems", also he said that blood pressure does not cause headaches and confusion while in the Heart magazine in the waiting it says that does. I have a feeling I am going on a very long (fighting) journey with this one. Thank you for listening to me.

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Good Morning,Secondlife, your doctor doesn't exactly instill confidence does he! I think you are going to have to be your hubbies guardian angel when it comes to the pills he's being dished up, make sure you read all the small print that comes with them!

My Dad turned into a human-guineapig when it came to his illness,(in the end he was taking 13 pills a day) he said he wished he'd tried more 'natural' remedies.

I do believe some doctors don't keep up to date on the latest 'discoveries in medicine' unless they have a particular interest. These days with the information we have at our fingertips we can educate ourselves and make our own minds up about many issues in particular our health.I do hope your hubby feels better soon, no more 'turns' and frights, have a good weekend, Carol x


Thanks for this, you're right I do need to do some research as at the moment he is taking 26 pills most of which are to do with his lung condition. Fortunately he has an appointment to see his consultant on the 21 March and she is very approachable. We do need to get his blood pressure down (190/115) and will continue with the tablets while keeping an eye on him until then. I am hoping that the British Heart has a helpline like the BLF so I can give them a ring on Monday. Pat




When I had problems with blood pressure,I sure got bad headaches!!

Do hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon.It must be a worry for both of you.

I cant help but wonder if he is having small tias(transischaemic attacks)especially with him having high blood pressure,but then again I am no Doctor!!(RN,for some years)

Anyway,lets hope the Doctor finds out soon,

Love Wendells xxx


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