Has it now come to this ? - have recently read that an ever growing band of elderly and sick

pensioners living alone are asking to be admitted to any Open Prison during the winter months as "They can no longer endure the endless massive rises in Gas and Electricity , with even more rises threatened". It has now become a stark choice between EATING OR HEATING for millions, despite what charities are trying to do- both of which are a major threat to life. " Age Concern" and" MacMillan Cancer" are now expressing their extreme concerns as to the huge threat this is imposing on millions of pensioners, sick and the disabled. How ironic, that in a Prison , where are housed thugs, murderers etc ,that they are treated by the State far more humanely than many of the country's sick and disabled ie, three square meals a day and all the heating they could possibly want for FREE, and are often complaining about their "Human Rights being "infringed " - What "Human Rights" did they SHOW THEIR VICTIMS ,I might ask ?, yet the weakest law abiding people come off worst by this MULTI MILLIONAIRE GOVERNMENT under Cameron which clearly does'nt give a dam and , which is constantly raising taxes via VAT etc, on anything that can be consummed or moves.- Fuel, Energy , Fares, Water etc,

plus the wholsale reduction in Benefits for the disabled under the excuse of the poor country's finances brought about by the greedy Banks, that we have bailed out, and that continue to pay out colossal Bonuses.. The Millionaire MPs clearly would not be seen literally DEAD in a NHS Hospital, where we now learn - hundreds more are "Needlessly dying " etc, and when ill themselves, - GO PRIVATE ! We learn that last winter 26, 672 elderly and sick folk died of hypothermia, and this winter, it it feared the figure will top over 30,000.The Government is raking in gigantic sums in VAT returns on fuel bills, - hence it lack of interest in forcing the greedy Energy Company's to reduce their monumental profits.Cleary this Government are trying every trick in the book to rake in more money by any devious method,such as the new "Bedroom Tax and even to trying to force those severly disabled people into work, we now see that over 40 % on appeal have won their cases against these so called "Judgements " that have mis- fired, and I personally know of one person who was judged "Fit for work " - HE DIED ELEVEN DAYS LATER.. A Speaker on "Benefits " recently gave a talk to our "Breath Easy Group and warned us of further "Horrors" in line for all of us - including Pensioners, and even my own Respertory Nurse firmly believes that, this brutal Government clearly has it in mind that there are too many pensioners and disabled people about, and that WE ARE LIVING TOO LONG hence this modern form of "The final solution" methods which are now in hand .......need I say more.- look to recent history ..........

In just over 100 weeks time, WE THE PEOPLE CAN GIVE THIS UTTERLY CRUEL MILLIONAIRE GOVERNMENT OUR "PROGNOSIS- and get rid of them, and try to bring in a government who are in touch with the ordinay folk , ie, the sick and disabled of this country ...........any views ? , any answers ? or, has it now come to this ?......

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I understand your point of view vittorio, but don't necessarily agree with all the points you make.

New Labour were planning benefit reductions before the last election, and - if they win the next one - they will have to do the same. The welfare state cannot continue to dole out money the way it is doing at present, this country is close to losing it's AAA credit rating as it is and bankruptcy won't be very far away; we only have to look at Greece for the difficulties that would cause.

I may do some research to find out how many Labour and Liberal MPs are millionaires ..........

Blatantly political, I'll-informed, half truths which completely ignore the actions and " achievement " of the previous administration. Breath-taking tosh.

I Agree With @Vittorio Is Shocking But Pensioners Do Not Have Human Rights As We Can See .... But Prisoner Do Shocking Truth Is There All To Blame

There Daft Policy's And Greed Lack Of Investment Has Come Bach Around And Slapped Them In he Face .... Why Should Most Vulnerable Pay

All The Best

I agree with you Vittorio, this government has no heart, the sooner we kick them into touch the better, roll on.

What an immotive subject, sorry I prefer not to get involved in political discussions online but read all your comments fully.

i agree with you, katieoxo60, I am not keen on political stuff but dont blame people for getting things off their chests. But it doesn't help. I do feel, however, if we could have more down to earth politicians rather with than monied public school products. What is very obvious, over and over again, in this forum that there are a lot of people struggling to run their lives, and cope with god knows what without much hope for the future. I just wish these MPs swop places with underprivileged folk.

Who said ,"It can only get better" What ever is bad "Goes Up" and what is good "Goes Down .....sad so it is we press on and hope for better cheer up folks

This is the sort tosh that frightens people. Some of the benefit changes happening were originally implimented by Tony Blair. This forum is for people who are suffering. I don't want to read this sort of nonsense

We are all entitled to our own opinion and to have it called tosh and nonsence is rude and disrespectful. Vittorio needed to have a rant for whatever reason, maybe fear. Agree or disagree let us do it maturely, please!.

Agreed ... :) Am Just Waiting For Someone To Say Should Be In The Army :))

Yes We Are All Adults

Been there, done that. Not fit enough now.

I too am not getting involved with any 'Sun' type politics.

If I wasn't expected to add an answer then why is it in questions and not blogs?

Thats Good'en :)

Thimk Its Not Answer Is Casting Your Aspersions On What One Can Read And Not Read .... Its Everone Right Not To Comment But You Don't Try To Censor People Not In A Democracy Anyway

All The Best :)

As a disabled person having to live on benefits, we are now in the process of being 'reviewed' re our benefits, both DLA and Incapacity Benefit, needing a bedroom of my own, my husband and I are having to pay an extra £15 per week because the Government say we only need 1 bedroom, despite having had 2 letters from doctors explaining we need 2 bedrooms. Now we are expecting to have to fight to keep our benefits, even thought it looks like it will be on a reduced rate. Both my husband and myself are at our wits end and worried sick of what we are going to do, any help out there with our dilemma would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Think Social Services Are Best One's To Call ..... They Always Trying To Hide From There Legal Responsibility

Please seek benefit advice from the BLF Cab or age uk hope this helps BBx

opps this message is intended for susywong.

What utterly stupid rubbish. Get your FACTS right.

I am no fan of this government and will be glad when this government has to face the voters at the polls. But I do disagree with some of the points you raise. The poorest pensioners, of which I am one, can claim pension credits to bring their income, if a married couple, up to £217.90 a week. Those claiming pension credit also if they rent have their rent paid for, and for all council tax is also paid. We are then given a further £200 a year winter fuel allowance. And when any week in the winter is very cold we each have a furthe £25 added to our account. Then again we have £130 paid by the energy companies during december. My point here is there is no reason that a pensioner cannot keep their home warm during winter with the money given. I for one have my heating on 24/7 from October until April. Essential with very severe emphysema else I would die.

Any household that has someone over the age of 65, or someone receiving DLA are also exempt from the bedroom tax.

I agree this present government is our enemy and we should raise with all our might our voices at the next general election to show people what they are doing to the disabled and infirm. And what they intend to do to the NHS but felt I needed to correct you on a few points above. It was the labour government that brought in pension credits, the winter fuel allowance, and in 1948 the NHS. Of course any late promise from either the Lib Dems or Conservatives in their new election manifesto will not be worth the paper it is written on. As recent past history has shown they tear that up once elected.

I am really glad that the pensioners can and often do benefit from being on pension credit, unfortunately, we are not old enough to claim as pensioners, so have to pay half our rent and half our council tax out of the benefit we get, plus the £15 pound per week for the extra room the government say we don't need. We have no other credits or benefits to claim, all the children are grown up and leading their own lives but we have a long way to go before we can claim as pensioners, so we are in the 'middle' of the benefit system

derrylynne - We received our 'bedroom tax' letter today from our council and no mention of DLA recipients being exempt from it.

As two of us here do receive DLA, would like to know where the info can be found please?

My daughter came up with a great slogan we can use .... ''They ConDemed us to .....'' :)

I like it ......

It isn't a party political matter and it is always a shame to see how people frequently drop into using stereotypes to attack their perceived "opposition".

There are only limited resources available and how they are spent is a matter of priorities.

Have you ever wondered why millions (or even billions) are readily available for foreign wars or building submarines which can only be used with the permission of a foreign power? Meanwhile every penny spent on relieving poverty or promoting health is begrudged.

This attitude isn't the property of one "party". It was Labour who involved us in the dreadful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the Conservatives/Lib Dems who tried to "out-macho" them by getting involved in Libya and Mali.

I wish there were a "party" which promised a sensible defence policy based on defending this country rather than pretending to be the world's policeman. Maybe they could guarantee that the billions released would be spent on supporting the things which we all pretend to want.

But pigs won't fly.

Meanwhile we have to do what we can to support and care for those in need in the face of an uncaring political system.

Good luck in your battle against bureaucracy.

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