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Me doctor I am at my wits end on how to get rid of this. Chest infection it's been on going for at least 6/7 weeks , doctor asking me various question which I have been asked a thou send times before by the same doctor and the other two partners in the practice bearing in mind I have had copd for the past 7/8 years, and waiting for the one question which I know will be asked, and here it comes DO YOU SMOKE. Me What what what no i have not smoked a cigarette for over 7 years doctor did you smoke me YES for gods sake DO YOU READ YOUR NOTES it reminds me of ground hog day it's a good job I have a sense of humour

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  • Every doctor is the same :) Usually they are looking at a computer screen not you when they ask the questions too!

  • I remember seeing a doctor once (not related to copd) and they didn't look at me at all, just kept asking questions. I was so annoyed that I stopped answering. Eventually the doctor looked at me and said 'I asked you a question' to which I replied 'yes, and I decided I would answer you when you had the decency to look at me'.

    We need to stand up for proper, respectful treatment.

    Lynne xx

  • you are right jandan, they're always looking at the computor screen when they're talking to you, how can they read notes off the screen and listen to your answers at the same time.

    Lib x

  • I was refered to an immunologist because my immune system was very bad and as a result he has put me on long term antibiotics. Taking into consideration that I have COPD and bronchiltis (not spelled right sorry) and I take my nebuliser 4 times a day together with oxygen 24 hours a day, It is very pleasing to say after years of chest Infections since starting the long term antibiotics I have not had an infection for the past two months. May be you can request to see an immuologist. I do hope your luck changes as I know what your going through. xx

  • Put the blame on smoking - they all do... :(

    (sorry, had to delete one, I put the wrong link in...)

  • True, its never anything else to blame is it Gordon

  • Well I had to smile, although its not funny in reality, because it seems we have all come against the same approach from doctors as meike cites above. Its obvious on occassions no one is reading the computer screen or for that matter listening to the patient to any degree. The first hurdle to get over is finding drs who beleive you and listen , this does work wonders for the moral to feel you are not wasting your breath especially in the case of COPD(more smiles).

  • Thanks again Gorden for the link to U tube, I am sick to death of been treated as though I deserve to die because I smoked, Even serial killers are not given capital punishment and yet we meakly accept that our behaviour merits it, and I have noticed that so many people here have not even smoked or gave up 20 years ago and I have also read that 20% of people with COPD have never smoked, in Which case the search is on, for wicked uncle fred who smoked in the wood shed. and Hey! passive smoking is the killer. of course I have given up smoking and dont think smoking is a good idea at all, but it is so much easier to blame smoking than putting some of the blame on polution and chemicals, responsibilities of the government.

    I love the fact that you will stand up and be counted, I am so afraid of the trolls, that I havent said a dicki bird, (not that iv had any trols ) but come on trols do your worst..

    love to everybody Linda X

    Apologies to wicked uncle Fred

  • Thing to do is go to Drs who are ex/smokers....they may even have COPD !!

    3 partners at my old surgery [some years ago ] were all smokers.


  • Well, talking of stupid questions! My neighbour whom had breast cancer,and had both breasts removed,told me, how she was stunned,when her GP asked, had she had a mammogram lately?! When she replied,that she did'nt realise you could have one,with both breasts removed,he went red, but no apology!!

    Wendells xx

  • had a sputum test to check if you on best antibiotics ?

  • Waiting for results

  • This happened to my husband and he was given antibiotic after antibiotic which never helped, my husband said 'I want a sputum test doing', the doctor said, 'that's good idea'. When the test came back, it said the doctor was giving the wrong antibiotics and gave the name of the ones to give him and it cleared him up within a week.

    He has COPD/Bronchiectasis and is on 16/7 oxygen, nebulisers, and now emergency antibiotics and steroids as he does a sputum test each time he gets an infection so he is getting the correct antibiotics every time, it is a bit of a hassle but it has kept him out of hospital for nearly 5 months, he used to be in every 4 weeks.

  • Has anyone out there been given 3mg amoxicillin in liquid form I understand this is a very large dose to give my doc has prescribed this as an emergency pack would appreciate if anyone know more about taking such large doses

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