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Received a letter explaining that DLA will change to PIP from April 8th for all claimants between 16 and 64 with awards reviewed over time to make sure it remains correct.

Indefinite and lifetime awards will be looked at if there any changes in circumstances after October 7th 2013. If an award ends after October 2013 then it will go to PIP everyone else will be contacted in 2015 or later.

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A standard dla letter. You do have the wrong dates for the review of those on indefinate awards. That will be looked at from October 2015 or later it says. There will be a general election before that date. Us in Wales will not be having ATOS but another company doing the reviews. Wait to see if they are any better and do a proper job where the genuine disabled are not harrassed but the ones taking the you know what are kicked off it. Sadly it is the skivers and liers that have led us to this.

I believe the source of confusion comes from this statement:

"If there is any changes in how your health condition or disability affects you on or after 7 October 2013 then you'll be asked to make a claim for Personal Independence Payment. When you report the change of needs we'll explain what happens next."

This would apply if on low rate care for example applying for middle rate care the claim will move onto PIP claim rules regardless of the life time award that would normally not be until 2015 or after as you agree with me.

For a minority that will abuse any benefit the majority will have uncertain futures and hardship while they prove their cases.

Hi everyone, I'm new on here, and wanted to ask if the PIP benefits come in this year. I don't think I've received anything yet despite being on DLA


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