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share your oxygen experience DNOM

my oxygen saturation is 87% so I am having an oxgen assesment on the 15th of March and I do not know what to expect I have looked at the sites of NHS approved suppliers and note that they charge a substantial amount extra for VAT which I thought medical equipment could be claimed exempt. I feel at the moment that I have a limited amount of time left so I need to find out what are the effects what can I expect. looking at all the various equipment I am attracted to the DeVilbis air concentrator which features 2 carry bottles and an oximeter to check saturation levels. This I think would allow me more freedom when out rather than dragging around a mini luggage trolley any experience?


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Hi DNOM, I'm on oxygen. Several points:- once you have been assessed the equipment you need will be supplied on the NHS. For myself I've been supplied with a concentrator for use at home and four cylinders for mobile use. A much larger capacity bottle is also supplied in case of power cuts preventing the concentrator working. Finally periodically the supplying company will contribute toward your electricity bill.

I hope this helps. In any case come back and let us know how you get on.

Good luck


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I was about to say the same thing as Auntymary but was beaten to it ! :)

I'm the same as those two up there said ! . :)

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And - if you need more ambulatory oxygen, we managed to get liquid oxygen (with a bulk store dewar in the garage) and a portable concentrator which will run off the car battery or just plugged into the mains, as well as our conentrator indoors.. So make sure you make it very clear what your needs are - we got our portable after I pointed out that one LOX flask wouldn't last more than 5-6 hours, and if we wanted to go to any family gatherings over Christmas we would be stumped - I have to say we felt very lucky, I was just expecting extra cylinders. We have reached the point where quality of life is the important thing for my husband, not quantity, and I am determined he will go out as muchas he wants whilst he is physically able.


thank you all so very much. I was not expecting much from the NHS so anyway I will hang on till my assesment and hope for the best. DNOM

I will just add one thing, no 3 things.

1. If you want to go on holiday, you can arrange for your oxygen company to loan you a portable concentrator which they will deliver to your home or to where you are holidaying. (We have a caravan so they deliver to my home so that I can take it with me).

2. Ring your electricity supplier and get put onto the priority list in case of power cuts etc.

3 Get in touch with your local fire brigade office and they will come and do a home safety check, they like to know that you have oxygen in the house just in case of a fire.

I have been on oxygen since last April and feel so much better for it, it doesn't stop the breathlessness but makes sure your heart, liver and kidneys have enough oxygen to work properly with no strain put on them.

Carole x

Fully agree with Carol. I am with air products and they could not be more helpful. Because I am out a lot I now have a Dewar and liquid oxygen. And a couple of bottles in case I need them or I want to spend a ight away. I have already asked about my holiday and they will loan me extra bottle to take with me. Like Carol my health in general has improved since being on oxygen. As I am not now putting strain on my heart and other organs allowing them all to work much better. It does not stop us getting breathless but we do recover much better with oxygen, have more energy and able to do more.

Thank you all so much, three cheers for the lung foundationers


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