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I hurt.why?

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me why at night,I cannot sleep due to pains in my muscles and joints.its been going on for a few weeks now.

During the day I get muscle pain in my legs if I try to do too much then take a rest,I seem to stiffen up,and they hurt.

I mentioned it to my practise nurse,who just said it could be anything.

I'm just tired of getting no rest from it.

Many thanks


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Think your practice nurse is being unnecessarily vague in fobbing you off, especially if you were seeing her for something else. It would be best if you made an appointment for this specific condition with your doctor. Say what you said above. He may decide to do some tests. Certainly he will be able to reassure you. (Sorry your doctor might be female!!)

Keep us posted -- love Annie80x

Thank you ladies,

I did forget to mention that I have severe emphysema and bronchitis.thought maybe it may be connected to my condition.


I cannot believe your nurse saying this,,,i suffer from Arthritus, as well as copd..but like you had muscle pain,,a simple blood test at the doc,s showed i had rheumatoid arthritus as well, so please go back and tell your doc and ask for a blood test,,least you can put your mind at rest,,,

Agreed with everyone else you need to be sure whats causing the problem so you can try different releives , I have arthritis and find the muscles ache more when my copd is worse or the weather is cold but over time if you know the cause you often can find ways to relief the do need to go back to your GP,and persist first of all then good luck with finding a relief of your symptoms and maybe some night rest.

Hi all

Chrissie53, I had blood tests last year,they came back negative.

Thank you all for your replies.


i have the same problem..i think i have fibromyalgia but have never been diagnosed,once i get up to move around i'm okay.tried gabapentin didnt see any difference?

Hi perky77,

I too have googled my symptoms,and come up with the same as you.

Funny enough the past 2 days I've not been too bad,so maybe its not that,perhaps its this blooming freezing cold weather hey.

Take care.


Hi fantasy 3 you may have fibromyalia x

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