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Confused over over whether I have COPD or CRPD

I have been unwell for over 2 years but like most people I struggled on until the point comes where you can't stand it anymore, it started with bad pains in both legs mainly in the calf region and after 2 full body bone scans and 6 MRI's, 5 different consultants and 3 wrong diagnosis I was finally found to have 2 prolapsed discs, in the meantime I had been diagnosed with mild OSA & high blood pressure all treatable and apart from the discs not debilitating, I went to see my GP in Dec 11 with a chest infection and a cough that that I had for about 4 weeks which was so bad that I often black out whilst coughing, he could not hear any infection and sent me for a spiromentry test with the nurse and told me to take cough lintus, I never heard any result from the test despite visiting regularly for prescriptionsso I assumed it was something I had to live with, in October 12 I got severe chest pains and thought that my heart was going to jump out of my chest. At A&E they found I had a Aterial flutter and referred me to the cardiac team, I went back to my GP to sign me off work and he suggested a Spiromentry test! I said I had had one in January and he asked me what the result was!! when he checked it on the computer he said you have COPD gave me an inhaler and printed off info from the internet and sent me away. The cardiac team wanted another Spiromentry test done before they operated on me and this one shows a restrictive PD unfortunately the op was not successful and I am left with an erratic heart rate causing me to feel faint and fainting, short of breath, unable to walk 20 metres, blacking out when coughing and unable to sleep either through pain in the legs or the OSA waking me up, oh to live in a third world country.

I have been awarded ESA Support Group (whatever that means) and I have applied for DLA but I have been told not to hold my breath as you need to jump through so many hoops you meet yourself coming back, I have always believed in the welfare system and have never begrudged a penny in taxes or NI in the 38 years I have worked and contributed if only I had known how difficult it is to get help when you really need it.

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good luck

I am sure that more knowledgeable folk will be able to give advice better than me. It sounds as if you have been bounced around, Kev, which you dont need when you feel ill. If you aren't happy with anything, you need to get a doctor that you can trust. Talk to people to find out who is approachable. Best idea is to ring the BLF who are helpful. Love Annie

Hi Kev54, sorry you are having such trouble with your health and hope you soon feel better and the doctors start to sort things out.

sometimes it does feel like one is being pulled one way and another.

as for as the spirometry test the nurse did, she would have given you the result at the time .

best of luck....Ivyleaf

Thanks for your kind comments, the first nurse did not give any results, the second one didbut only after asking

Hi kev54, my nurse often just says that's fine(spirometry). It's just a way of saying its normal for me. Hope you are feeling better. Guess you are of working age as you have been given ESA support group, this is good in one sense I beleive as it gives you a higher rate of benefit and help in respect of any employment you may be able to do as assessed. DLA is much different as many will tell you it depends very much on how much your illness disables your ability to carry out normal daily tasks.Good luck with everything especially getting your illness sorted out and under control.

Sounds Like You Have What I Had .... B4 My Bus Load Of Trouble I Had Heart Test For Irregular Heart Beat .... I Have Inverted Slipped Disk In My L5 So Understand What You Are Going Threw

Think You Are Right About COPD But I Would Call The BLF As Thay Will Be Able To Clear Up A Few Issues ..... As Far As DLA Go I Hpoe You Have A Good Gp And Not One Like Mine

All The Best

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