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Hospitalized on the Friday it snowed in the evening, hadn't been feeling very good for a while. Went by ambulance to casualty, then on to a holding ward till next day. Then onto the heart ward as respiratory was full. Had masses of checks, put me on an antibiotic which didn't suit and it wiped away my salt level.... I completely lost the plot that of course wiped out my memory for that time. Was dripped until finally came round with more antibiotic etc. was very well looked after and am home now with rage oxygen tank and hoping to improve. Has anyone else had that?. Would appreciate and sort of comments.... Feel I am alone! Not good for a worrier!

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always some one worst then you love

Yes 123 podmore I know! Thanks!

Never alone in this forum, Katie, I haven't had your recent experiences but hope that things will improve. Keep in touch.

Thanks Annie 80! I know there are folk worse off than me by far!

Hi, sorry to hear you've been having a bad time, even though you know there are others worse off, it doesn't help when you're feeling rock bottom and alone. Hope you are feeling better very soon and that you have follow up care sorted with your doctor/respiratory nurse. All the best, Libby

Hope your on the mend Katie, sounds like a really horrid experience, please rest up and take it easy, I'm sure plenty of others have had similar experiences, not sure if hearing there are others worse off is a useful thing to hear, x x x

Hello medow,thanks for the words! It all helps! Hospital said it would be a long haul, I am obviously much better than I was so sob couldn't even speak when I went in, but this waiting time is weird, can't settle to read or I fall asleep!! Oh well musnt moan eh? Xx

Hope you are feeling a little better Katie? Just for the time being then work out what really helps you manage a little better at home and look after yourself.

Wishing you well soon.


Poor Katie, take care and rest, you are in the best place to be looked after, hope you feel better soon, we need some warm spring sunshine now don't we, blooming long winter this year.

Teigy xx

Thanks to all that posted have taken it all in! Xxx

You moan all you like, we need to get it 'off our chests' x

Hi Katie :-) it all sounds a bit of a nightmare and I am not surprised you were upset.

I hope you are feeling better now....

Thankyou, I'm sure I would be but now have a virus that's knocking me off my feet!

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