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As i posted last week i was due for a home medical from the dwp regarding my appeal against my DLA.The doctor who visited me at home was a very nice lady,as my medical was sheduled for 30-60 minutes and she actually spent 2 hours at my home making sure she covered every aspect of all my illnesses and how they affect me day to day.The doctor was that nice i could'nt believe she actually worked for ATOS (which i don't think she will be for much longer as she herself is being affected by the amount of people she is seeing day to day that really do need the extra money as they are not fit for work) I have still got to wait for my decission and in the meantime i have my tribunal against my ESA decission on friday the 22nd (3 days time) .I wrote to the tribunal service dealing with my case to ask for an adjurnment on the grounds that my partner who is also my full time unpaid carer could not attend on this date or time due to unforeseen work commitments as she works for the nhs and has to cover for someone that has had to take time of work due to illness and also i would not be able to provide all the medical evidence they required as they only sent me my appoitment for my tribunal less than 4 weeks before my tribunal.Hopefully the benifit advisor from the benefit welfare advice service (0845 345 0310 if anyone needs there advice concerning any benefits) who is making a home visit to me the day before my tribunal will help me understand the process a bit easier even though i will probably forget everything as i have the memory of a goldfish at the moment due to all the meds i'm on.Anyway thank you all again for your support

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Good luck Terence.


Good luck! x

Happier days ahead I hope!

Wendells xx

Hope the appeal goes well stay strong and fight for rights. I had 3 appeals however I was not going away just like my disease. I finally won my case

Best Wishes

The future looks brighter foryou

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