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I don't know what to do.

Hi. I have got dry cough for 2weeks. Can breef,but always feel that coudh stay inside in my Lang's.Last week I went to GP,he said it s virus. It will go in six weeks. I am very worried, because my boyfriend has got cough for more them one year. He had a chemotherapy about 3years ago for blood cancer -mayloma. We dont live together,but we see each other weekend .I live with my 12 years old daughter. May be I have COPD or......? I don't know what to do. Thank you. Masha

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Call the British Lung Foundation helpline between 10-6 weekdays on 03000 030 555. They will be able to talk to you and advise what is best.

I Know I Was Feeling Tiered Sleepy A Lot Before A Had Bus Load Of Trouble ... Even When I Thought I Was Fine

I Think You Might Have Cold Virus Some Real Nasty One's Nocking About But Like @Grodan57 Say Best Phone British Lung Foundation If Unsure

All The Best :)

i hope no lovebut go to doctor or ring 03000030555 good luck.

Hi Masha

I'm sorry to read your are not feeling so good and you are so worried about your cough.

There are many reasons for a cough other than cancer and COPD - viruses and bacteria can cause coughs, even ear, nose and throat problems and acid reflux. You say you are concerned about COPD - is there any particular reason for that?

Please don't sit and worry you can call us on 03000 030 555 - we are more than happy to help.

Best Wishes


Wish you some peace masha, call the helpline x x x

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