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stop the bedroom tax

i would be interested to hear from everybody on how the bedroom tax will affect them and would like to be able to start some sort of petition up but not sure how to do this so would be grateful if some one could get this petition up and running. i know if affects me because i wont be able to afford to pay the bedroom tax and heat my home. were told to keep warm but with all the cuts we are going to be getting and all the raises in fuel costs food and now this dam bedroom tax. it will have a great affect on me. while i agree also that yes there are people who need to down size such has myself i know i need a two bedroom bungerlow. but im already on the housing waiting list and have been since before Xmas im bidding for most areas with in a five mile radius. but so far to no avail. and im down for moving on medical grounds. i don't want to move to far away because of my family. my daughter is down has my carer and she needs to move near to where ever i am so its even more difficult. for us. surely if we can get a petition up and enough of us sign it they have to listen to us. so who is willing to draft a petition even if its done in my name my details. we have to do something now. there isn't enough council property's to do this.

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It will effect me too, i have 2 spare bedrooms, but i dont want to have to move, as i cant afford to move, though cant afford the tax, i wouldnt be able to have my grandson stay with me or my daughters or friends if i downsize. There is a discussion forum on facebook called bedroom tax, and they have posted an interesting video blog from youtube on there from an mp who is against the bedroom tax and trying to survive on £18 a week, to show the government that it cant be done and how the tax will effect most people

How soon will they tax the air we try to breath!!!

hi san yes im a member of that group has from tonight i to wont be able to have my grandchildren or family come and stay i too cannot afford to move or pay the bedroom tax. that's why i think its vital every person swarms there with letters opposing this bill. because otherwise David cameron will continue to take everything until we are actually paying to breathe. how can he justify paying thousands out for a train and sending millions aboard to other countries. and telling Chinese to come here with no restrictions and study where are all these people going to live i ask myself.

Don't forget anybody that is receiving DLA or the over 65's are exempt from the bedroom tax. If you get DLA but your council do not know then inform them you are in reciept of the benifit.

let's get all responses then that can form the basis for the pettion's wording ? maybe ask BLF to actually get the petition started using the Avaaz or 38 Degrees link ?

There is a growing movement against the Bedroom Tax. The most successful petition so far has over 100,000 signatures.

I have set up a website to try and collect information about the campaign against the tax where you can find a list of all the petitions I have found so far.

I'm up for signing a petition against this rotten bedroom tax! which is just another way Of sucking the lives out of many! Money in the pocket again whoever is responsible for creating this tax just ain't satisfied with the many car's or houses they have so he or she can only thrive of feeding of everyone else such as people struggling on benefits & those who work dam hard with little pay to hold a roof over their's & their family heads! We must fight against this corruption, some of us may have an extra room but have spent so many years into making our homes a decent place to live why should we be forced to pay a tax when the expense of living is at an all time low as it is! Kaz67 from East London,I'm happy to help!

What information does the BLF have on bedroom tax please?

hi hatman i clicked on your link and found the petition that is up and running for bedroom tax so i signed i urge everyone to click on the link you provided because it shows you where to sign

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