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New Fuel survey poll - worried? call us!

Hi Everybody

It seem to be a cold day everywhere, i hope everyone is managing to keep warm.

You may have noticed a new poll has gone on about home heating and fuel costs,

If anyone feels they are experiencing difficulties paying their bills or with day to day living expenses please do call us and ask to speak to Biddy, Carol or myself (Jo) for benefit/financial support - we are here to help and there may be things out there you are not aware of. If you are worried about the cost of the call our number is local cost and should be included in your call package either landline or mobile, but we are more than happy to call you back.

03000 030 555 or



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I would call, but don't want to waste anyone's time as I've already looked into every discount scheme and benefit going, and found we qualify for zilch, or so we are told.

On the poll comments someone who used to work for an energy company mentions their Staywarm scheme, which is only for over 60's with that particular company and not available to new customers who switch to them. I had already checked, but looked again just now to make sure I'd got that right.

The £130 a year discount is only available if you have certain benefits. The site says the energy suppliers can also apply discretion and accept other low income customers. I asked my supplier, they've not even passed a written request on to the department who look into this, their customer service is non-existent !

I've since been in touch with the Energy Ombudsman because of the way I've been treated by this company. I could change to another supplier, but it would achieve nothing. We just have to suffer while they grab the money. They don't care.


Hi Gordon

I can assure you no call to the helpline is a waste of time - every call is important even if it is to listen and/or reassure.

There are other options - there are lots of grant making charities out there that may be able to help - also energy companies have charitable arms to their companies.

So call us .... you never know we may be able to help! 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes



Please Gordon, do as Jo asks :) *gets up off her knees now*


OK, OK, I called ! Waiting for a call back now... :)


Jo called me back, she's looking into a few things. ;)


*fingers crossed* :) x


I was refused the £130 ,but when I phoned and said I had COPD(had to explain) I was told I could have it .


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