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Thanks :)

Hi just like to say thanks for all the advice on buying a finger monitor for my mum. Today i took her for an assessment to our local liveability centre they were lovely and agreed that she could do some gentle gym and even allowed to go in the pool,she was so pleased haven't seen her so positive for months so to anyone out there who thought being on oxygen meant giving up on the things you enjoy doing just give it a try gentle chair exercise or just a paddle in the pool does wonders to you mind and you meet lots of people and it all helps. so i wish you are the very best and keep smiling:) x

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The monitor gives a bit of peace of mind I find.

Thanks i may buy her one now as if she starts the gym it may help if she can keep an eye on her levels during and after.

A think thats great positve attatude :)

All the best :)

yes i was so proud of her :)

Great news.

Lynne xx

I go with my son and his family to a pool in Swindon, they have a lovely time in the waves and on the slides while I take off my oxygen and just sit in the water up to my waist, (don't like it over my chest it feels restrictive) so relaxing just sitting there watching everyone enjoy themselves. Wonder if it is a hidden memory of the womb!

Carole x

Good idea i never thought of taking her to our waves pool and the water is lovely and warm :) Enjoy! x

Do I see someBLF olympics coming up?

I bought a cheap one a couple of years back but it only lasted a few months and when I checked it against a Nonin that my GP used there was massive inconsistancies.Last month I bought one that my Respiratory Team use called Nonin Onyx,shop around on ebay as I picked mine up brand new in a hard shell carry case all for £87 delivered all the way from the USA,these babies retail here for around £200.

If your a nervous character I'd advise not to get one because if it shows your sats are low and you then start to panic about it your sats will drop dangerously low.This is why your medical team will always advise against getting one.

My advise would be if your tough as old boots and can take anything on the chin then get one as they are great for making sure you don't over do it.If you panic over things easily then please leave well alone.

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