the pain of smoking

ive just joined and reading some of the blogs cant pack in the faggies well i did some 25yrs or more due to having ashma i/e crawling up the staires grabbing for breath ect i did it it was hard or it would have by by ref today the last comment of richard briers hes just one of many, for the last 4years ive had copd in its low stage due to smoking in my younger years and take seratide plus the ventolin when needed so to any one out there stop now life is to short

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  • Hi oldgramps. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I gave up two years ago.

  • good for you its great when you can look back on the struggle to start packing those old faggies in keep it up

  • Just over a year for me. Best thing I did.

    Lynne xx

  • Stopping smoking kept it at asthma a warning that saved worse by keeping smoking with what it has done not for free lot of money getting this way. Time again would it be any other oldgrumps youngsters dont hear what they dont to.

  • Hi old gramps this is my fifth day of no smoking findiing it a bit hard but don't intend to start again :)

  • Well done lemony1 great attitude.

    polly xx

  • That's brilliant, keep it up. Are you able to put the money you save in a pot/piggy bank and put towards a reward, treat or gift for yourself - I do hope so. All the best and GOOD LUCK

  • good for you as the days go into weeks and then months you will find a great deal of diffrance in your self i now its hard keep up the good work

  • Keep in touch with my mate WILL POWERS,he wil help you all the way.

  • thanks guys your all amazing thanks for the advice (drinking ribena like its going out of fashion) xxx

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