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Council Tax DNOM

I live in a nice house but unfortunatly with IPF I can no longer use the top floor because of the stairs and they are not suitable for a chair lift. I was told that I could go down a band which amounts to about £5 per week is that everybodiies experience, like everyone else my neighbours and my daughter keep an eye on me and I do not want to go into a home while I can still enjoy life, any advice from your experience?


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On the bbc yesterday i can not remember the talk program i know it was on the bbc news

Chanal .they had one off the top con on it .and they asked him about the tax on the extra

bedrooms in oaps homes and he turned round and said it will not afekt them at all . The

talk show comes on every Sunday on the bbc Chanal at 9.00 in the morning. If i was you

Dnoom ask your daughter to find out more i know he is one off the top conconservative .

I think it was William hay i think .



I hope you are well.

Are you talking about Council Tax Benefit for Disabled People? This benefit is decided by local councils, if your home needs to be adapted because of your disability they can reduce your council tax bill by putting you in the next band down.

Can you give us a call on 03000 030 555 - we can always call you you back to go through this further with you.

Best Wishes



hi I have a similar problem with stair lift so they are considering a lift front room straight up

to box room but one company is to see if they can fit one.

best of luck bob


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