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Have just been reading thru various blogs here and there on the most hated bedroom tax,,i,m sure some of us are going to have to find the money from somewhere,,my daughter often stays over when i,m having a wretched time,,i don,t want to be forced out of my home into a 1 bed,,and leave all my friends,find a new dr,etc..but have found a link for a gov e petition so anything is worth my signature to get this stupid tax repelled

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Ask council about discretionary payments when room is used by carer, help from citizens advice with forms or information should save any of the bad things happening because they do not need to if the right stuff is filled in.


Hi, even if you are only getting the low level of DLA for care, you will not have to pay for your 2nd bedroom. If you're not getting it, maybe you should apply now. Libby


Hi libby7827

Can you provide a link to this info please?

I've never heard of DLA being an automatic right for not paying for under occupying. A DR's or hospital consultants letter stating you must have an overnight carer, or a recent social services report is what I understood and blogged about some time ago.

Mike x


is there a petition yet against the bedroom tax ?

Shall we start one through 38 degrees or Avaaz ?

... have a feelng this will echo Thatchers Poll tax

julie x


someone said this is David Cameron's poll tax. And we all know what that did to Thatcher.


i have just come back from the council about this bedroom tax and the lady there was very helpful in a way that she told me no one is safe unless they own there home. if you pay for instance 90 a week rent then you have one free bedroom you will have just over 10 pound a week to pay this affects millions of people while i agree people with to many bedrooms should move into a smaller property so people who need these rooms can have them. i also know this is virtually impossible there are not enough social houses around to fit everyone in so its going to dog eat dog and everyone will suffer there fore everyone should be writing to the local m.p.s and government in a mass protest in order for them to either with hold the council bedroom tax until they have built social housing to accommodate every one in need or they should scrap the idea altogether. it is in all our interest to do something now other wise millions of us will be evicted through not being able to pay the extra so come on lets all get behind this weather your council or not because we all need to be heard on this one and on d.l.a. put both of your opinions forward because if we don't we will suffer.


Would they prefer us to move into privately rented accommodation where it may only have two bedrooms but the rent is much higher? I know the rent cap where I live is around £135, but my rent is only around £85. Luxury flat here I come!! This whole this makes no sense to me. Libby ps my grandpa was a Durham miner, Seaham and my other grandpa a joiner who built his own bungalow in Easington!


What makes this even more disgusting is that this rotten corrupt government is asking us to beleive is that they are not doing this to save money (so that they can reduce the tax rate for millionaires) but in order to gain more housing for other people ,you cannot fill a gallon into a pint pot.



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