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Work up at 4.00 and could not sleep so i stayed up and about 5.30 i tried to do the dinner

for the wife .As she has stayed up a lot to make sure i do not choke when i sleep .

But what a mystic as i forgot to put the fan on and the steam from the cooking got to me

but will Carrie on as nelle finished .next time i know different put fan on.

Have a nice breath day as not to cold today

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That was a lovely idea to make the Sunday dinner and give your wife a surprise! never mind David that you couldn't finish I'm sure she was very touched! funny I was up at that hour because the dog needed to go out, I love getting up early when the sun's cracking the flags but this morning I just crawled back into bed! Hope you have a breathe easy day as well and enjoy your dinner, sounds like its got lots of love in it yum!!


Just finished it and huffer huffer my son helped me by doing the washing up

and cleaned the mess .before she gets up never mind .now she can play murders with me ;-) ;-)


Well done David, Its good to know that I was'nt alone. Iv'e been preparing Sunday lunch this morning, I got the chicken in the oven, peeled and chopped the suede chopped the carrots, peeled and halfed the spuds, cut the cabbage up finely, prepared the broccolie and all this without oxygen which is a minor miracle. It all went amaizingly well untill I started to load the dishwasher salt compartment and was bent over for just a little too long. Suddenly I'm puffing like a train and my heads spinning like a wheel. Gad Dam It why doe's everything have to be spoiled by this crippleing disease. Still I'm alright now and I'm in Sharons good book's for the next couple of day's. She's still in bed but fully deserved as she works 40 hours a week and is now the main bread winner of the family. I'm plugged back onto the oxygen now and sats are back to high 90s so all is well, Sharons just got up and will take over so I can avoid the steam and flames of the cooker, Its a shame I can't do it all but I'm looking forward to the next bit, Eating It! 'Bring it on I'm Staving Marving Now' No fan in this house but window is open,next time remember to switch it on eh' :) Tony.


Its nice to see i am not the only one who can't do as he is told .just get fed up off sitting down and doing nothing . Because all i get from the family is sit down i do it just in case you get a nother attack and you land back in hospital . Like i tell them hard work never killed anyone but still do not lisan


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