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when will i notice the results

hi i gave up smoking 6wks ago after 40yrs. i have been asthmatic for 50yrs. i take seritide 250, atrovent inhaler,ventolin inhaler and nebulise this also and take singlair. i thought when i gave up smoking i would cough up loads of mucus and my peak flow would increase but this has not happened yet. when will i start to see results and any tips to improve my breathing

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The result is not getting worse as fast as smokers do that is 3 times faster than none smokers. Not smoking exercise and good nutrition are the way of slowing this condition it is not reversible where it goes back up into normal when smoking stops.


I had a terrible cough when I smoked, when I stopped, no more coughing! You may need some help to get your mucus up but you will probably find you won't get much now. If you can feel it's still there you can get a mucolytic from the doctor, probably carbocisteine, which will thin your mucus and it will just dissipate. I used to be known for my hacking cough, you could hear it in the next county! No cigs, no cough, for me. Libby


I am the same Libby. I have a hacking cough but it is not as bad now that I am on more medication. I used to be known as coughing Bev. When I packed in smoking my cough virtually stopped after 2 days. I went back to smoking and am trying to give it up again.

I think the main thing when you stop smoking is that you stop your illness getting worse. I think the older you are when you give up the less likely you are to feel the benefits of stopping. Sometimes the damage is already done.

Bev x


I was the same as Libby. When I smoked, I coughed. Since I stopped, I don't at all. Others find they cough more. We are all different.

Lynne xx


I stopped smoking 6 years ago and ever since I only get a cough when I have a chest infection! Brilliant.


it took 2 years before I had any improvement


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