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If you have COPD, Pulmonary Rehab can help you stay out of the hospital, a comprehensive preventive healthcare program provided by a team of health professionals to help people cope with their lung conditions physically, socially and emotionally.

Breathing exercises, exercise reconditioning, progressive relaxation training, stress and panic control techniques, smoking cessation, as well as educational programs on medication, diet, exercise, and caring for and operating respiratory therapy equipment.

If you’ve been hospitalized for an acute COPD flare, starting pulmonary rehabilitation soon after your discharge may reduce the risk of readmission in the subsequent three months according to recent studies that looked at follow up care ( reported in Thorax)

"Sixty patients admitted to the hospital for an exacerbation of COPD were randomly assigned to receive standard follow-up care or pulmonary rehabilitation on an outpatient basis within a week of being discharged. Over a three-month period, 33% of those receiving standard care were readmitted to the hospital with another exacerbation, compared with 7% of those receiving pulmonary rehabilitation. And 57% of the standard-care group received care in the emergency room or were admitted, versus 27% of the rehabilitation group"

Many people with COPD find that pulmonary rehab is very beneficial, so if you're hospitalized for a flare-up, talk to your doctor about referral to a program near you.

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  • That's great. I think lots of people on here have benefitted from it.

    Lynne xx

  • Well it sounds so simple when reading your blog but the fact is it is not always being implimented I had two flare ups in a short period but never even got steriods until three months later when the consultant examined me.I was referred for PR a few months ago on consultant advice but I have not heard a thing, guess now I am retired I don't have to be fit for work and I can always stay in bed if I'm uable to get dressed or whatever. Hope others are finding it easier to get PR than I have.

  • Why wait for a programme when the exercises that stop the muscle loss are available from the internet / dvd or books it does not fix without putting in the effort more of the DIY that has been popular in stopping the death by armchair fate that follows not having the best condition the lungs can get a body into.

  • It really is difficult finding motivation for gym workouts when on my own it is a group thing where we push each other with support and a bit of a laugh does no harm when finding the willpower for what has to be done.

  • Great post sitstand! everyone who goes to PR realy benefits from it, as there is none where I live I will see if I can get dvd but it would be more fun exercising with other copders, thank you for posting, Carol xxx

  • I do all the breathing exercise but I do not go to PR. I was on steroids for my last exacerbation but not in hospital. xxxxxx

  • PR! perfect

  • Hi sit stand, I attended the pulmonary exercise programme 12months ago and when it finished I attended the follow ip fortnightly exercises class. This course is excellent , as well as exercise there is a one hour talk on a different topic every session, this talk is relevant to copd, from lung function and damage, to healthy eating, using inhalers properly etc. plenty of time for question and answers. I agree you can get the exercise from the Internet etc., you can get useful info from this web site and the wonderful contributors, but the practicalities of being shown how to do things is valuable. If you do get onto the course I would advise that you attend.

  • Hi, agree with all the above, and anyone should be able to find out who runs their local PR programmes.

    Here is the link to the NICE guidelines, and I suggest that you contact your local PALS to find out who/where runs the PR Progs. where you are. Ask your GP or practice nurse to refer you and then you shold be offered an assessment with the PR team. Please don't no for an answer

    Good luck !


  • Hi I too would recommend PR; although as blog readers will know I had concerns about the form my PR course was taking. However I did speak to the people running the course and excersizes were tailored more to my needs. I still think on MY course there is too much emphasis on excersize and not enough information or education - often the session ends early and we only had 10 mins of education! That said I am considering purchasing some excersize pedals to use when course finishes!!

  • I totally agree, PR helped me immensely. I am in early stages of COPD and felt very bewildered and a bit panicky. I am not naturally a group person but maybe it was the mix of people, but we all got along well and encouraged each other. I learned an awful lot and they hand out full notes ad instructions which are very useful to refer to. They introduce you to a structured exercise regime which I use 5 days out if 7 as well as breathing techniques every day. Pester your doctor, complain, whatever needs doing - PR will really help COPD people.

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