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Neurotic not me!

As some of you may know I have had my grandson stopping with me due to t being half term anyway he is now back home.

His Mum rang me this morning to say Thanks again and she said that Tom had decided I had got everything covered as regards to my being not too well.

When I asked how he had come to that conclusion she told me he had told her about having to help me up of the floor - I had asked him not too :(

He then proceeded to tell her that I had an inhaler in - wait for it - my pocket, my bedroom drawer, my bathroom cabinet, my workroom, my car, my kitchen and in my handbag so he was alright because he knew where to find one. Do you think I am being over cautious :)


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no I have inhalers all over, but now you mention it not one in the car . will sort that out next week

I have them in every handbag near everywhere I sit in the house and by the bed.


I had one in the car - and forgot to take it out before the vehicle was towed away when I scrapped it... :(

A very popular place for one with me is in my dressing gown pocket. No matter where I'm sleeping, upstairs or down, I know just where that is then. Thanks Jackie for the tip, I need to get handbags to keep them in it seems... :D

It is quite sensible to have them in convenient places. I must have 5-6 on the go in different pockets, bedside table, computer desk and so on. The one in the car was still in the box, it was there for if the one in my trouser pocket ran out.

That happened once when we were away for a couple of days at the wife's sister's near Whitby, the inhaler I had ran out and I had not thought to take a spare. Some use having them all over the house when I'm not at home... Thankfully the walk-in centre at the hospital sorted me out on a nebuliser and issued a new inhaler. From then on, there was always a new one in the car - just in case.

The good news is that your grandson knew where to find one if you needed it. Well done Tom for paying attention.


Yes you do have a thoughtful, and observant grandson,good on him!

I also got caught out,a few times,with not having an inhaler on me,when having severe astma attacks.Taught me a lesson anyway.So bedroom,kitchen,lounge,patio,and importantly bathroom.Sometimes having been very breathless after showering.Also have terry towelling dressing gown there,so I can wrap it around me, to soak up the water,if to breathless to "dry",Car definetely also!!

Love Wendells xxx


Gosh! I hope I am not underdoing it. I have one in my handbag which is either downstairs when I am, or out of the house with me. I also have one upstairs. That's it.

If I go away, I only take one with me. I don't need to use mine every day though.



Strangle the little bugger!


Grandaughter is with me and she goes back home today. She knows; where the inhalers are (as jandan)what to do in case of fire (get the cats out first then herself and, if she can, drag me over the windowsill.) If I fall over (sit with me and listen to instruction. if not responding get the phone dial 999 and read out the address taped to the phone handle then ring neighbour, number taped to phone handle, who has key and can come and help.) This she can remember..........but has had great difficulty in remembering where the linen basket is and where her holiday homework has gone!


Oh thanks for all the comments. The fall was my own stupid fault I was trying to get the washing out of the dryer and I got all breathless and leaned back and there was nothing there doh prat!!

Hajoed your priorities are just as mine are cats first then Tom then well me I suppose :)


Hello again, listening to your fall experience.... I do get breathless when unloading the washing machine and you have made me think so I am going to get a grab handle fixed at machine door height. I am now looking around to see where else this might be useful. I won't get the big medical type but I think there are some out there that would fit the bill and not be too obviouse. I am sorry you had the fall but you may have helped me from not going he same way. love to the kit's.



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