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Hi all HealthUnlockders Growing up isn't what it used to be, is it?

Memories with your children or grandchildren.

Don't blame me if they burst out laughing.

MEMORIES from a friend.

My Dad is cleaning out my grandmother's house and he brought me an old Royal Crown Cola

bottle.In the bottle top was a stopper with holes in it ......I knew immediately what it was,but my daughter had no idea. She thought they had tried to make it a salt shaker or something. I knew it was the bottle that sat on the end of the ironing board to 'sprinkle' clothes with because we didn't have steam irons then.Man I am old!

How many do you remember?

Headlight dip-switches on the floor of the car.

Ignition switches on the dashboard.

Trouser leg clips for bicycles without chain guards.

Soldering irons you heated on a gas burner

Using hand signals for cars without turn indicators.


Richard Cornish


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Oh yes! Great enthusiasm from my husband, Brian. Such memories. Have to say I enjoy reminiscing about the past. Have to say my memory lets me down a lot. When I hear air raid siren on the TV, even now it makes me feel weird. I remember making my first phone call, and messing up the press the A button and the B button. A friendly policeman outside the phone box helped me out. Yes, policemen patrolled on bikes then.

Methods of communication in the 1940s-1950s was slow> My sister married an American and it was as if she disappeared into nowhere. Phones were bad, letters took forever. There were telegrams for urgent news.

Things have changed +++

There seems to be so many means of communication nowadays that sometimes people forget to communicate with those who need to be communicated with! Does that make sense annie80.

I think it does, especially where my daughter is concerned. Perhaps she is too busy. But the occasional phone call/email for me. Never mind, my birthday and mothers day is on the way. My son and I enjoy banter on face book.

Have we got the same daughter?

I still give hand signals - usually when some ignorant so-and-so nicks the parking spot I was trying to get in to...

Bike clips? Still have a pair handy for when we've had prunes.

And corsets.... :(

I can do hand signals,I give them at traffic lights,roundabouts,in carparks etc.I have repetative two finger syndrome now.

I learned to drive doing double declutch in an old Austin A30 i think. Say no more!

Lynne xx

I don't think I could do that now!

I did the same in a Morris 8

Are you still doing it or have you changed car now?

My Dad had an Austin A40, and we had to thump the inside to make the indicator flick out! All good audience participation, especially as we had no seat belts of course!

My Dad had an Austin ,his first car.One day we were going up Porloock Hill in Somerset and the floor boards caught fire.

Oh god i remember my mum trying to curl my hair with hair tongs that where heated up on the gas cooker,,remember the singing smell very well

My sister had hair right down past her bum and mum used to iron it straight .As you say ,if the iron was too hot off the stove you could smell the singing.

Starting handles on cars I can remember the first time I heard my father swear (and I had to ask what the words meant) was when he was using one of these and it kicked back on him. It was a Mayflower car with huge running boards :)

You didn't tell us what words he used!

Now I do feel old. I remember using most of the abouve and seing the rest being used. It just serves to remind me of the era I had my first cigarette :( If only I knew then what I know now :(

I remember Dominoes cigs being sold in packets of four!

When I used to go and stay with my Grandparents, water was pumped from a well at the bottom of the garden and carried back to the house and the toilet was outside and needed to be emptied and into a hole dug in the ground far away from the lodge. Amaizing to think this was only 46-48 years ago. My Grandad used to smoke tabacco in clay pipes but lived to a good age and I never remembering him having breathing problems.

My Grandparents toilet was 120 ft away from the cottage.The ceilings were only 6ft high maximum.

I lived in a house like that on top of a Cotswold hill in the early 50's dall05. I remember my mother curling my hair in rags or things like pipe cleaners, doing the washing in a single tub washing machine and turning the handle on the mangle. Meals cooked from start to finish and 'lights' (offle unfit for humans) boiled up for the dog. Oh and eggs covered in isinglass in a bucket under the sink to preserve them! Gosh I feel old.

Carole x

I remember my Dad arguing with Mum because she had pinched his pipe cleaners to do her hair.

Anyone remember 'siren suits' !!!!!!!!!!!! and air raid shelters ?

There is an air raid shelter in the garden of the house I had in Torquay

My brothers and I loved playing in the old air raid shelters, on the camp, funny they always smelled of wee? do you remember the 'corona' man coming around in his little van, we used to fight over what flavour we were going to have....but what a treat!

Ginger Beer and Raspberryade mmmmmmmmmmmm

I loved the ginger beer, still do...

Pop goes the ??????????

Half a pound of tuppeney rice??

oh corona,,cherryade every time,,,my nan in london had a old anderson shelter in her garden,,made a great playhouse,,,

We had a big shelter in our primary school which was full of coal.If you were good you would be allowed to go and tidy up the coal. Yes,we all fell for it!

And how about the hard Izal toilet rolls. My mother in law spurned the new fangled soft stuff. My American sister used to complain about the Brits and their hard toilet roll paper.

I knew somebody would bring up the izal toilet paper,,we had that upstairs in the posh loo,,,tissue paper in the outer loo,,all nicely put together with string,,,

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