Isn't it strange

Isn't it strange, I can walk a kilometre without too much breathlessness, but when making a meal or doing the washing up, I quickly get out of breath. I recently read a study from Japan to the effect that things like changing a light globe or even tieing a shoe lace - anything using the upper body uses more oxygen/energy that merely walking. Strange!

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  • Great you can walk that far without being to breathless!!

    In answer to your question, I remember being told at the rehab programme,that when you bend over,you raise the pressure in your abdomen,therfore thatpushes up the diaphram,causing your lungs to be in a smaller space,so the airways are then narrowed.

    Try taking a few deep breaths before you bend-then as you bend blow as much air out as you can!

    Hope this makes some sense to you!!

    Cheers, Wendells xx

  • I'm just the same. Can walk for a mile or more if on the flat, but going up a flight of stairs will wind me.

  • Same here,,puff and pant with housework,,but walking the dog can cope on a flat surface albeit slowly,,i live in a small village that is slightly hilly,,ok going down the road to get a paper,but coming back is a killer,,have pit stops, at certain places to catch my breathe,,

  • I like your term 'pit stops' chrissie, I alway's say base camp but I guess we all suffer the same. Its amaizing what that thing called gravity does to our lungs when we start going up hills is'nt it. At least we can get outside unlike some and we should be gratefull and count our blessings.

  • oh yes,,when i was first diagnosed i really ignored it,,and carried on working,,did not even look it up on the computer to see what it was,,anyway long shot was got made redundant,,realised i was unemployable,,have arthritis as well, so got myself a dog,,they say get excercise so here we are out everyday come rain(why did i get a dog day) and sun,,do struggle when its bitterly cold but otherwise best thing i ever did,,and on that note were of to the beach,,

  • Sadly I now get breathless watching other folk walking their dogs and going out during the cold and wet is beyond my idea of fun !!!!!!!!!! I am told that the anxiety cum breathlessness is often all in one's mind - so wonder when struggling with the washing up (for example) is this because I don't really want to do the task in hand ????

  • im afraid i was ok walkingg on the flat but that has changed now i am ventolin if i get too breathless when i am out walking on the flat

    but as for breathless when walking up a slope i was very breathless.

    but never mind these things are sent to try us


  • I can understand how you all feel i,m the same but with living in a flat have resorted to a stair lift now, such a relief. Does anyone suffer sleepin problems i sleep for 2 or 3 hours then lie awake but am too tired to get out of bed. I,m up then at 7 oclock making tea for my hubby and me. Also coughing bouts some nights then feel really exhausted all day.

  • imelda, I too have problems sleeping, like you I may get 2-3 hours, then just lay there wide awake with chest wheezing and in the end have to get up and make a cup of tea, then all day I am really tired, coughing is also a problem at night. I find it difficult to walk on the straight and uphill, being breathless is really embarassing. Seems we all have the same problems bending down and I get very breathless when washing my hair in the shower, so I guess reaching up and bending and housework slows us down a lot. take it easy everyone.

  • I get breathless when I change my mind.

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