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I have C.O.P.D. the last time I had an exacerbation was 18mths ago,I was rushed straight to RESUS because of the strain on my heart. They booked me a bed in I.C.U. because they said I could "go off" at anytime.I have tried so hard and taken extra care of myself as the last visit put the fear of god into me,I just really wanted to know has having C.O.P.D. give me a bad heart? I am so mixed up

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Ad Try Not To Worry ..... I Asked My Specialist As Mine Was Causing A Arrhythmia Before A Was Receiving Treatment For My Condition ..... If Your Congested Yes Your Heart As To Work Harder

But If There Was Anything Wrong With Your Heart .... To Put It Blunt We Would Not Be Having This Conversation .... Must Be In Good Nick So Ad Try Not To Worry

Just Watch For Mucus And Colds And Try Not To Do To Much I Still Get Breathless Even If Am Doing Nothing ..... But I Am Getting To Know When Even In My Condition A Need To See Doctor

Its Like This Cold Seven Days And A Cant Walk That Far And I Had To Sit Down In Chemist Puffed Out Tryed Clearing Chest And Its Getting Harder So Need Some Horrid Pills

But Its Lesser Of To Evils Or Be At A+E Hospital All The Time .... But You Do Need To See Your Gp Or Go Hospital If Worried

All The Best


A lot of the time I have to take MUCODENE,these loosens up my chest so I can cough it up or else my chest is so tight and wheezy. Do you have a wheezy chest most of the time?


I Use To .... But My Lung Specialist Put Me On Steroid Inhaler And It Stops The Mucus But Yes If I Cant Get It Up A Can't Breath I Went Threw Hell With My GP ....

But You Do Need To Drink A Lot As That Helps Get Mucus Up But Don't Drink Carbonated Drinks Tho Or Yall Have Bad Acid Just Still Drinks

I Was Always At Hospital Its Not Nice Not Being Able To Breath Getting Yourself All Worked Up Is Not Going To Help " Even Getting Me Worried Now About My Condition" And Exacerbation :P

But Seriously You Do Need To Stop Worrying No Wonder Your All Tense But Its Only What I Was Like .. If You Can Breath Threw Your Nose Your Doing Better Than Me

A Think You Have Been On Internet Reading Everything But Internet Is A Great Source Of Information But It Gives It You All The Good And The Bad

A Was Going To Get Sats Meter But I Would Only Get Myself Worked Up And Keep Looking At It .... If You Are Worried Can Phone BLF Helpline Or Go And See Your GP

All The Best


Might Be Worth Getting Your Self A Bloods Stats Co2 Meter As You Have COPD Just To Reassure Your Self Everthing Is Fine

All The Best Hope Link Is Of Use :)


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