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Holby last night

Last night there was a patient with pulmonary fibrosis on Holby and for once I can honestly say that I thought it was spot on. It was hard to watch in a way and a tad upsetting but it gave me peace of mind also that I am thankful dad passed away in his sleep as we all knew that this is what would have probably happened had he gone to hospital.

Makes me wonder though what with 3 storylines featuring a patient with pulmonary fibrosis in the last few months between Holby and Casualty, is something going on? The awraeness is fantastic so keep it up I say.

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If it gives the general public an awareness of the suffering and sadness incurred it can only be for the good.

i watched it too,made me think how my husband died he died of c o p d..which i have..but there is now a lot of help out there.excercise is doing me the world of good..

Thanks for that Tanyamarie. My husband has PF - we saw his Dad die of it in very similar circumstances to the programme - only it went on for several days. That is why he will not be going into hospital if we can avoid it and we have arranged for hospice at home if at all possible. I'm glad he didn't see the programme - he has done an advanced directive saying no to CPR or any ventilation or CPAP. We had to beg the nurses for morphine for his Dad, they would only give it when he reached extreme terror - my husband asked for it for him, when his Dad settled a bit he went for a fag break (of course) and our daughter (18 at the time) was with her Grandad when he died. So we are all in agreement what we want for him. Sorry if this is depressing, but I had hoped things had moved on a bit in 25 years. A&E is not the place to be dealing with this.


It's not depressing, it's real and that is the saddness of it all. I have made a few good friends whose family members have PF or IPF and one of them lost her husband last year and she said it was awful, just like the programme. I am so thankful now for the way dad passed away.

Hope you and your family are living life the best you can and enjoying each and every day, thinking of you xx

Awareness of lung conditions for the public will help shape attitudes on benefits and healthcare when they see what is lived with. All publicity is good.

I never saw it, sorry xxxxx

Hi Stitch, I was wondering the same. The post starts off as 2 or 4 hours ago, but when I read the replies they are 6 or 8 months ago. I cannot understand it.

Thanks stitch, I did see Marks Post later on. That explains everything LOL.

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Well what a blast from the past eh? How are you hun? It was really weird seeing this in my inbox on my emails and I was wondering what was going on lol. I havn't been on here for ages, it just doesn't feel the same now dad's gone and I hardly go on facebook either. I have been so busy with the kids and spending time with mam its been gone 9pm when I have sat down and its just a quick pop in to see my messages and thats it. Sorry for not saying hello sooner, no excuses hun xx

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