And here we go AGAIN!!!!

January 4th, you do have COPD

Spirometry arranged to confirm

January 21st - you don't have COPD - me - walking on the air that I thought I didnt have in my lungs

January 30th - you do have COPD, most likely, mild in stage, phoned BLF helpline but they couldnt tell me without all the numbers

Today 13th Feb - you don't have COPD, in fact, on this one, the practice nurse trained in spriromety outlined stuff for the GP so that she did not make the mistake of just looking at one number and diagnose, just like the helpline could not do but Dr did.

This particular nurse knows me well and been getting me through my no smoking stuff and she and the nurse who performed the spirometry had a consult with each other and they both agreed I don't have COPD and was quite miffed at the GP who diagnosed me despite her efforts to avoid it happening because she has seen this happen before and she was pretty miffed.

She went through all the numbers with me and it made sense, I DON'T have COPD

That was until I got home and started to look at them on my own. Of course, by then, I confused myself again and decided there was only one thing left, definitive decision was going to be sought from BLF helpline!

And now, a short break while I took a call from the BLF helpline - returned call within 20 mins of my calling I might add

Oh, what wonderful people the BLF nurses are. I gave her my spirometry results and the official and final verdict is, not only do I not have COPD but my lung function is better than average for a 47 year old who does not smoke - now would you figure that!!!!!

I now also know that the SOB troubles, the hyperinflated lungs, it seems have been down to the chronic anxiety disorder that I decided could be responsible if I didn't have COPD

There is only one possible sad part and that is that can I justify continue to be a part of this wonderful community when there is absolutely nothing wrong with my lung function other than some anxiety disorder



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  • So pleased that you finally got a definate diagnosis and havnt got COPD Now go live your life and have plenty of fun and enjoy :)

    Best Wishes

    Kazza xx

  • Good news that a normal life away from lung conditions awaits :-)

  • Beautiful katlover what wonderful news. Go and hug the ones who love you- enjoy very day have a smile ready whenever you can.

    All the very best


  • Great news , I am so pleased for you . x :-)

  • Thank Heaven! this is wonderful news and I'm so pleased and happy for you!! I can't see why you must leave if you don't want to! you are an asset to the site with your knowledge :) x

    Celebrations yeay! :D

  • thats the thing, I dont really want to, there are such lovely people here but it is a site for people with lung problems


  • well it is really! but stay we would miss you so much :)

  • How pleased and relieved you must be Kat :) I'm delighted for you ! I agree with hufferpuffer though, I see no reason why you have to leave us as you have become a 'friend' to all of us.

  • So pleased for you Kat, you must be over the moon, As for leaving the site, why should you. You thought you had copd so you know how it feels. You suffer with anxiety , you know how that feels. You could offer support and advice in these things as well as being confused about a diagnosis. See you are needed and wanted, simples! :)

  • Kep on talking to us all for as long as you want Katlover


  • Lovely news ! :)

    There is a point to you staying. Your case is very interesting and could be a great help to others. You did have a lung problem but not from COPD but from anxiety. If anyone has similar problems to you then you are the one for them to turn to. You can't leave because we want you to stay. :)

  • Thank you, thank you thank you, and thank you. I have felt really sad at the prospect of leaving and if most are ok with my hanging around, I would love to. It hasn't sunk in yet that I don't have COPD, probably because I was told I didnt, believed it then told again I was. I still feel like I have it, boy, the power of the mind.

    Strangely, I have not hit the feeling of happy, not sure if that is anything to do with this being the second time around but I tell you this much, I had a gut feeling the nurses were the more up to date to tell me, I was right to think that and a good motto is to ALWAYS get the opinion of a second person be it BLF nurse, practice nurse, just another medical professional as if I had not got such a good nurse or questioned my GP results myself.......


  • I should stay Katlover, we've everthing to gain and you have nothing to lose! xx

  • Good news but what a confusing experience for you. would be nice of you to stay on the site as you know what some of us are or have been through. Good Health for the future

  • Still read when most is about anxiety not lungs after counselling.

  • Congratulations on the news and I am sure the relief and euphoria will hit soon. I have not been a member long but can see how much you mean to everyone here. Every group should be able to keep the hook in the one that could get away!

  • I admit, I feel very confused and knowing for certain has not resolved that confusion. I don't blame anyone for it, I am just confused.

    What I do know is I have 34 tonnes of empathy for anyone at any stage of COPD and I have the equivalent empathy for anxiety provoked symptoms, no matter what they are.

    We know the mind is a powerful thing but until you experience just how powerful, you cant fail to underestimate it.

    Truth is, I don't want to leave, I feel I know so many of you and there is a feeling of almost panic after I have had so much support over the weeks, to just lose that is scary, and being told you dont have the illness does not stop that panic/anxiety.

    Oh, the all too powerful mind ;)



  • Firstly I am so thrilled for you, really I am. And secondly, I don't have a lung condition, my dad did and when he died after Christmas I thought it won't be right for me to still come here but like you I have made some great friends and I feel that I can still contribute and help and I get help too so it's a win win situation. If no one wants me they I'm sure they will tell me lol!

  • Thanks, Lol, makes me feel better too.

    I thought it would be insensitive of me not to find out how the community felt since the conclusive news as it would be wrong for me to stay after finding out I apparently don't have lung disease (though someone needs to tell my lungs that because they still think they have COPD) without the majority of members being ok with it. If majority are ok with me staying, I would be really pleased to be able to stay and I think my anxiety related breathing problems are here for the long haul since it is they that got me here in the first place

    We still have Gordon to hear from yet as he seems to have gone awal today

  • AWAL ? Probably AWOL - absent without official leave you mean... ;)

    I'm here, catching up since I got back from my day out. Brilliant news, finally you got someone who actually KNOWS what they are talking about and the decision must be really uplifting for you as I have seen how you've fretted over this.

    DO NOT GO - You are most welcome here, nobody says the users of this site have to have a lung condition, or be a carer for someone who has. It's a topic that you needed to know about, you've found support and FRIENDS here - so why leave ? It's not down to having a vote as the majority don't take part anyway, of the 2000+ registered, how many have left any sort of message?

    You've been supportive of others as they have been of you. This is a community, not a leper colony, there's no guards on the gate stopping anyone coming in or going out and you're not doing any harm.

    You're also an example of how mis-diagnosis caused you such anguish and perhaps you'll spot the signs and be able to help someone else in a similar situation in the future ?

    ... always knew you were better than average :D

  • Hi Kat please don't leave. I am over the moon for you that you don't have COPD though. But you do have lung problems even if they are only caused by Anxiety. You have helped a lot of people here and are a valued member of our community.

    Bev xx

  • Here here everyone,Kat is more than welcome to stay,and how lovely she wants to stay!!

    So thrilled for you Kat,all best wishes,

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Katlover, such brilliant news: along with everyone else, I am so pleased for you! I also agree that there is no real reason to leave the forum (unless you want to of course!), because as hypercat says, you've had problems and have also helped a lot people with your knowledge .

    Jude xx

  • I am over the moon that you do not have COPD, but what a palaver to get to that in the first place. I do not see why you would have to leave the site, you have much to offer xxxxx

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